Published: Sun, April 29, 2018
Worldwide | By Stella Potter

NY governor condemns federal raid on upstate dairy farm

NY governor condemns federal raid on upstate dairy farm

The Governor says the actions by ICE are a serious disregard of the law and endangering public safety.

And he signed an executive order to modify executive order #170-which bans state agencies and officers from asking about an individual's immigration status unless mandated by law-that prohibits ICE arrests in state facilities without a warrant. "He put hands on my officers, he attempted to get the criminal that we had in the back of the vehicle out of the auto, so we did what any other law enforcement agency would do", Homan said.

Blaming the Trump administration on what he described as an "alarming increase in the rate of arrests", Cuomo was quoted by The Washington Post as saying: "I understand the president is philosophically opposed to what we believe in NY, but I also believe the president is wrong".

"As a native New Yorker who began my law enforcement career as a police officer in the state, I was disappointed to learn about the Governor's grandstanding today over the issue of immigration enforcement". He said the officers "acted professionally and within their legal authorities under federal immigration law".

I.C.E. has found itself under the microscope, following a recent arrest performed at a dairy farm near Rome, where agents reportedly arrested an illegal immigrant from Guatemala.

Under the executive order, civil arrests by federal immigration authorities may only be executed within state buildings when accompanied by a judicial warrant or judicial order authorizing them to take into custody the person who is the subject of such warrant, unless the civil arrest is related to a proceeding within such building.

Cuomo issued a cease and desist letter to ICE demanding the agency to halt "unconstitutional enforcement actions" or the state will file a lawsuit.

The governor's actions were in response to immigration raids in NY, including the arrest of a worker at a farm in Oneida County.

"As an employer, I am responsible for protecting the people that are working on my farm", Collins said. The farmer, John Collins, says the agents did not produce a warrant or identify themselves and handcuffed him when he tried to videotape the incident.

According to an affidavit provided by ICE, the officers were visiting the farm in an attempt to locate a second individual when they encountered Aguilar.

He also noted that Aguilar has been deported three times and has prior felony convictions. These courageous men and woman leave the safety of their homes every day to protect this great nation and our communities.

"With respect to the cases the Governor mentioned, Ravi Ragbir, arrested in Staten Island, is a convicted aggravated felon in addition to his immigration violations".

However, according to the agency, 180 of the 225 arrested in what is dubbed as "Operation Keep Safe", had criminal convictions or pending charges.

ICE, meanwhile, attributed the high number of arrests to the "non-cooperation" of the "so called sanctuary city". "[Cuomo] supports these policies at the expense of the safety of the very same communities he took an oath to protect".

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