Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
Worldwide | By Stella Potter

Educators, lawmakers prepare for massive rally Wednesday

Educators, lawmakers prepare for massive rally Wednesday

The state ranks 39th in spending per student, lagging several thousand dollars behind the national average, according figures from the National Education Association.

Brunswick, New Hanover, and Pender County Schools have all canceled class on Wednesday because of the event. That increase will bring the average teacher pay to more than $53,000, not accounting for local supplements, benefits or bonuses, he said.

"When we peel back the political rhetoric on teacher pay, the facts indicate North Carolina educators received considerable gains in compensation for the incredible work they do in our schools", Moore said.

Teachers aren't allowed to use vacation days, called annual leave, when classes are in session.

North Carolina teachers say this week's march and rally were inspired by similar protests in other conservative-dominated states like West Virginia, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Arizona-walkouts that, in some cases, spurred action from state lawmakers.

- Create a multiyear pay plan for teachers, support staff, administrators and all other school personnel. "I just feel like there's no equity across the board with public schools, which is really important to me because I want my kids to have the same opportunities that kids in other places have", she told Teen Vogue. I'd give them money to protest. Besides aged computer equipment at school, none of them have brought home a textbook all year, with teachers instead handing out worksheets to glue into their notebooks. "Despite having the polling data that [shows] across partisan lines, people support public education, we're still seeing these really low funding levels".

"We all listen to the teachers as they talk to us", Berger said Tuesday.

"All of this will be fruitless unless we take this energy and passion to the ballot box and change those who are making the policy", Jewell said. The "purple" state briefly swung blue for Barack Obama in 2008, but soon after, Republicans swept the state legislature and later solidified their supermajority.

"Overall, spending on education has been increasing in a long-term, sustainable way", spokesman Joseph Kyzer said. And planned raises for educators this year will make five in a row since state finances rebounded from the shock of a recession a few years ago, legislators said.

He ended the post by thanking teachers who aren't planning to participate in the rally, saying they are the one who "stand up to the bullies and self serving thugs of the Teachers Union and believe in showing up for work".

"Teacher salaries have increased each of the last four years - outpacing inflation every year - and North Carolina is one of the top states for fastest rising teacher pay", he wrote.

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