Published: Wed, May 09, 2018
Worldwide | By Stella Potter

Gov. Cuomo speaks out on Schneiderman allegations

Gov. Cuomo speaks out on Schneiderman allegations

He has made the only decision that is possible.

Michelle Manning-Barish and Eric Schneiderman in better times.

Four women who have had romantic relationships with New York's attorney general have accused him of physically abusing them. The four women, who were romantically involved with him at the time of the abuse, reject this explanation.

In his statement, Mr. Schneiderman said the allegations would interfere with his ability to carry out his job. "In the privacy of intimate relationships, I have engaged in role-playing and other consensual sexual activity", he said. I have not assaulted anyone. Weinstein denies any non-consensual sex. The women, two of whom decided to make their names public, alleged in the New Yorker that Schneiderman hit, berated, threatened, and exhibited controlling behavior during their relationships. "I could not leave my sisters who had been harmed hanging-discredited-when I knew the truth". "Bravery is contagious; but truth is unstoppable".

Schneiderman was elected to the post in 2010 and re-elected in 2014. The New York City native, in office since 2011, had planned to run for re-election in November. "It's like he can see into the future", he said of his father's tweet. Now "he is going to be known for the hypocrisy of his private life versus his public life".

The developments brought a tart tweet from President Donald Trump's eldest son. Last month, Schneiderman sought to expand his powers to prosecute people who have received a presidential pardon. The president was taking aim at environmental regulation, labor laws, the emoluments clause in the Constitution, and left behind a rash of seemingly corrupt business deals in NY. They had reported the allegations to friends.

Given the anti-Trump political climate in NY state - just 31% of voters in NY approve of the job Trump is doing, according to a Quinnipiac poll in May - the next attorney general is nearly guaranteed to be a Democrat who would continue Schneiderman's investigations and lawsuits hammering Trump. The New York State Senate and Assembly will choose a permanent successor by joint ballot. (Never mind that Schneiderman previously dragged his feet on the investigation of Trump University - something that, if it had been settled sooner, potentially could have stopped the Trump candidacy in its tracks.) Top lawyers from the private sector and from the USA attorney's office came to work for him. But as the state's Democrats huddled in meetings Tuesday, no clear timeline emerged. She has a long history of legal work, including serving in the Eastern District of NY and in the Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens district attorney offices. I support Governor Cuomo's call for a thorough investigation.

In a resignation statement Monday evening, Schneiderman said he "strongly" contested the allegations.

But that probably can't happen because Schneiderman's office was already looking into Vance in the Weinstein case, Cuomo said. Cuomo added that he would ask an appropriate district attorney to immediately open an investigation into the claims "and proceed as the facts merit".

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has resigned, following a report on allegations of assault by multiple women in The New Yorker.

Eliot Spitzer was New York's attorney general in 2008 when a report surfaced that he arranged a tryst with a prostitute. They could not be immediately reached for comment on whether they would cooperate with such an investigation.

In announcing his resignation, Schneiderman he would step down at the end of business Tuesday.

And unlike so numerous recent #MeToo accusations against those in government, Hollywood and media, the charges against Schneiderman were from the last few years, the right now, not dredged up out of the dim recesses of history.

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