Published: Sat, May 05, 2018
Worldwide | By Stella Potter

Kathy Griffin takes back her apology over decapitated Trump head photo

Kathy Griffin takes back her apology over decapitated Trump head photo

Griffin added to Wolf's comments, saying Sanders was specifically attending the dinner to represent Trump, who skipped the event to host a campaign-style rally among his supporters. "The other people on the podium were giving her a look as if she was bombing - and she wasn't".

Now, she's revisiting the controversy, and the only thing that Griffin says she regrets is her mea culpa, according to the Daily Beast. "Calm down, girl, you weren't there!"

Naff said Griffin shot back, "Yes we are, suck my d**k!"

Comedienne Kathy Griffin was detained by global authorities at "every single airport" past year (2017) while she was investigated for holding a model of U.S. President Donald Trump's dismembered head online.

"I think they're all going to jail", she said, before claiming that Hannity "twatted me on the Twitter". Asked what evidence she has to back that up, she fired a barb at the president's embattled personal attorney, whose office was raided and is now the subject of a criminal investigation.

"Can you believe it?" she asked Meyers.

Griffin faced a firestorm a year ago after a now-infamous photo shoot she did holding a fake likeness of Donald Trump's severed head-an act for which she apologized before, more recently, rescinding her apology.

She also heard from Jim Carrey the day her infamous photo was released, who she said told her, "Kathy, you're the most famous comedian in the world today".

The comedian, 57, made her amends last May shortly after the graphic photo went viral, sharing a video that declared she had crossed a line, and would continue to ask the public's forgiveness.

"At that time he had only done it to political figures". "F - k YOU #10yearsago".

"I was surprised by the mainstream media's depiction of Wolf having bombed and offended the room", Naff said. I've performed in Iraq and Afghanistan - two places that Trump has never even been and can't find on a map - and so, of course because of my connection with the military I thought of literally Daniel Pearl's mother. For the rights of women, and LGBT folks, and people of color, I was like 'This guy's going down.' Now granted it was a little soon.

"Then when I found out I was part of the Trump woodchipper, which Michelle Wolf is in now, that they had this apparatus already set up", she said. "He's such a misogynist and his polices are so disgusting".

"I called my stand-up agent and said, 'This is a weird way to route my tour, but can you just send me to countries where they hate Trump?' Two weeks later I had 15 countries in 23 cities".

"A lot of people have actually said, like if this had been post-Weinstein, or post-#MeToo, maybe it wouldn't have been so bad", Griffin said.

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