Published: Mon, May 14, 2018
Industry | By Jeannie Evans

The NES Classic Returns to Store Shelves June 29

The NES Classic Returns to Store Shelves June 29

Fortunately, Nintendo does learn from its lessons and, as promised, the NES Classic Edition will be returning to store shelves next month.

The company announced on Twitter that Nintendo's classic system will make a return and stay available through the end of the year.

The £17.99/$19.99 a year service will offer some free NES games (with more to be added in future), as well cloud saves and access to online multiplayer. The Tweet states that retailers will start carrying the product again starting on June 29.

When the Nintendo Switch was preparing to release, they had a gaming console in the market. Certain measures, like limiting the number of consoles sold to consumers, helped to mitigate the scarcity seen with the NES Classic Edition.

Nintendo became its saving grace.

The SNES Classic is just as popular as its older brethren.

Currently, no release date for the SNES Classic second launch has been announced. It's planned to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump, the chunky manga anthology magazine that is a staple of Japanese pop culture. The beloved manga mag is celebrating its 50th anniversary and this solid gold Famicom is part of the festivities.

While there have been no revelations as to whether or not the console will go on sale outside of the United States, the last time around the console was sold in Asia, Australia and Europe - so we can certainly keep our fingers crossed.

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