Published: Mon, June 11, 2018
Industry | By Jeannie Evans

Apple is working on bringing iOS apps to macOS

Apple is working on bringing iOS apps to macOS

It was expected that WWDC will have an unveiling ceremony of an iPad boasting Face ID and a shape similar to the Iphone X. With that not being happened, the now rolled out new gesture show that Apple have plans to revamp the user experience of iPad. iOS 12 focuses on up sizing the performance. You will find that once this update is complete, it will look just like the App Store you see on your iOS device.

"It will become dramatically more hard for data companies to identify your device and track you", Federighi said.

The new Business Manager platform, which debuted in beta earlier this year with a select group of partners, is basically an enterprise version of Apple School Manager, that gives companies a web-based portal for IT managers to deploy and manage Apple devices in the workplace. And when you swipe down from that corner, you'll see the Control Center spring down, just like it does on iPhone X. Also, Apple is going to add grouped notifications to iOS (thank goodness) so they're grouped by app, topic, or thread. It keeps track of the time from the moment you turn on an app to minute you turn it off. Siri also got a small upgrade. With "DND" feature, the app will dim the device during bedtime and hides all the notification from the screen and prompt only in morning.

Other features will provide weekly reports on how much time people are spending looking at their screen each month.

This involves a weekly activity summary that shows you how you used your iPhone or iPad during the week. Here are some key takeaways from the event: Screen Time A new feature has been introduced which will allow a user to monitor how much time is spent on the device, with an option to monitor the usage time for each app individually.

FaceTime is now better with Group FaceTime and can support up to 32 participants, you can also apply camera effects to your FaceTime call with Animojis as well.

Apple also rolled out new tools for augmented reality, saying users would be able to share worlds in games, for instance. When your time is about up, you'll get an alert, and when the time is up, a new "Times Up" screen comes up. It's a great effect, but you don't necessarily need to wait until macOS Mojave ships in order to take advantage of it.

There will be plenty of new features in the upcoming software update. Parents will be able to set app allowances for their children.

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