Published: Thu, June 28, 2018
Industry | By Jeannie Evans

Apple, Samsung settle lengthy iPhone patent war

Apple, Samsung settle lengthy iPhone patent war

After seven years, Samsung and Apple have finally settled a lawsuit that alleged Samsung copied Apple's design for the iPhone.

Judge Lucy Koh, of the Northern District Court of California, has published a filing announcing the settlement.

Neither Apple nor Samsung has commented on this new development.

All told, Samsung products were found to have infringed three of Apple's design patents - including a form factor featuring rounded corners - and two of Apple's utility patents.

In May, a USA jury awarded Apple $539 million, after Samsung had previously paid Apple $399 million to compensate for patent infringement.

Apple and Samsung have declined to comment on today's settlement, but Apple pointed reporters to a statement made in May when the case was last ruled on.

The terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

In a line which seems to be one that crops up over and over again, Apple and Samsung have once again been sparring over an ongoing legal battle relating to a design patent. This verdict prompted Apple to issue a statement claiming their battle with Samsung was always about "more than money", and that their primary goal with the suits was to "protect the hard work and innovation" of their team.

In May, at the retrial in San Jose, Apple won a $539 million award in a jury verdict.

Samsung appealed part of that award, taking its case all the way to the Supreme Court, arguing that damages should be limited since patent infringement involved only certain features. It was ordered to pay the USA tech giant more than $1 billion for infringing on three of Apple's design patents related to mobile devices - the quick links to phone numbers, the slide-to-unlock feature and the auto-correct function. The dispute costed both companies billions of Ringgit in litigation costs and penalties over the years, but it also changed the way patent laws worked in the US.

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