Published: Fri, June 22, 2018
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AT&T's new unlimited plans still cheaper than Verizon's

AT&T's new unlimited plans still cheaper than Verizon's

Smaller competitors T-Mobile tmus and Sprint s unveiled the first cheaper unlimited plans in 2016 as a way to combat the more complex and costly offerings from AT&T and Verizon.

WatchTV will offer a bundle of some 30 television channels, including newly acquired CNN, TNT and TBS, as well as channels from AMC Networks, Discovery Communications and Viacom.

AT&T is contemplating other ways to package entertainment, with AT&Ts' John Donovan telling an investor conference the company would introduce more robust versions of DirecTV to be delivered via the internet rather than satellite.

Days after closing the AT&T-Time Warner merger, we're rolling out our newest video offering called WatchTV, available on the nation's best network for streaming video. The plans - AT&T Unlimited &More and AT&T Unlimited &More Premium - are scheduled to launch next week. It will cost $15 per month as a standalone product.

WatchTV will be free for subscribers of two unlimited wireless plans AT&T is launching.

Both of AT&T's new plans will be available starting next week.

But the new plans also threaten to overwhelm consumers with too many choices. Verizon vz last week added a third tier to its unlimited plan line up.

WatchTV is what's known as a skinny bundle, stripping out the local networks and sports channels for more entertainment-focused options. If you want 1080p content you'll need to Unlimited &More Premium for $80 a month. For customers on other wireless plans, the streaming service will cost $15 per month. It's not clear if that would replace the free HBO "for life" that AT&T was running on their old plans, but I'm sure that will be clarified soon.

Nonetheless, those prices are less than Verizon's new Above Unlimited plan, which costs fully $100 for one line of service and $240 for four lines of service. Existing unlimited customers will have to switch to the new plans to get WatchTV; otherwise they can continue with their current Unlimited Choice and Plus plans.

WatchTV is the first example of how AT&T plans to marry distribution and programming from Time Warner.

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