Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
Industry | By Jeannie Evans

Everything about Spider-Man for PS4 from E3

Everything about Spider-Man for PS4 from E3

You play as a samurai (who, from context, seems likely to be a ronin) fighting back against invading Mongol forces that have attacked Tsushima island.

Gameplay of the new fighting system was debuted during the trailer that showed savage takedowns and katana fights that got fans desperate for more. There'll also be a sixth villain, but his/her identity has not been revealed yet.

The pressure was certainly on Sony after it became increasingly apparent that most of the prior E3 conferences were, honestly, a bit on the soft side (if not flat-out disappointing). Last of Us II will probably emphasize on stealth-styled gameplay, and going by what we have seen with the previous game, this will definitely offer a lot more. Here is a quick description of Ghost of Tsushima "The year is 1274".

The stunning gameplay clip released at E3 takes the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man out of the neighborhood and into The Raft, a maximum security prison where Electro is attempting to bust out a bunch of criminals to run loose in New York City. It was impressive and the flawless demo for a game that is surely at the top of many people's wish lists.

That said, the action is significantly faster and more acrobatic than that of the Batman games, as you can leap onto walls, knock enemies into the air, perform air combos and, of course, web up your enemies to render them immobile.

Ghost of Tsushima is the newest of the four games, and having only just been announced at Paris Games Week previous year with a brief teaser, it was intriguing to see what this game was actually all about.

The footage above showcases the kind of samurai experience that we've been wanting from a video game for a long time.

A full on release is to be confirmed by the studio, but it is safe to say that fans can not wait to get their hands on their shiny new katana in Ghosts of Tsushima.

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