Published: Fri, June 01, 2018
Worldwide | By Stella Potter

Kim aide at White House to give letter to Trump

Kim aide at White House to give letter to Trump

The publication said this approach reflected Trump's reliance on his deal-making expertise and the president's belief he could establish a better rapport with the North's Kim Jong-un if he acted alone.

But the presidential office remains cautious, saying that holding a three-way summit and declaring an end to the Korean War all depends on the outcome of the North Korea-US summit.

There is a chance that former spy chief Kim may head to Washington later Thursday or Friday to personally deliver the letter, if the talks with Pompeo went well. "As we move to adjust to the political situation in the face of United States hegemonism, I am willing to exchange detailed and in-depth opinions with your leadership and hope to do so moving forward", Kim told Sergey Lavrov.

Meanwhile, back in Pyongyang, the North Korean leader re-committed his isolated state to "denuclearization," boosting hopes of what would be an extraordinary diplomatic turn-around just a week after Trump threatened to cancel preparations. -North Korea meetings, "South Korea and the United States have been in consultation almost daily through many phone calls between Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha and Secretary of State Pompeo, as well as through diverse diplomatic channels at various levels".

Formalities and pleasantires aside, the contents of the summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un remain somewhat vague.

If the summit - which US President Donald Trump earlier canceled only to say a day later that it could still take place - is held as planned in Singapore, the possibility of a three-way summit involving the Koreas and the US there would be heightened, experts said.

In the short term, Moscow "cannot afford to be remembered as the country that had no hat in the ring leading up to June 12", he said.

The two positions are hard to reconcile, as it's unlikely North Korea will agree to the "rapid denuclearization" Pompeo discussed in last week's testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Kim said he hoped to find a "solution to meet the interests of each other through a new method in a new era and under a new situation and the solution of the issues will progress through effective and constructive dialogue and negotiation", the official Korean Central News Agency said.

Kim Yong Chol, vice chairman of the North Korean ruling party's central committee, was allowed into the United States despite being on a USA sanctions list, but the State Department has said he would likely need additional approval to travel outside the NY area.

Gen Kim has previously served as chief of Pyongyang's top military intelligence agency, and was sanctioned twice by United States and South Korea for his role in supporting North Korea's nuclear and missile programme in 2010 and 2016.

Mr Trump said this morning: "Will see what happens. hopefully we will have a meeting on the 12th".

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke with reporters on Thursday about his meeting with a top North Korean official Kim Yong Chol.

The North Korean visit to the White House on Friday will be the first since 2000, when President Bill Clinton met senior figure Jo Myong-rok in an unsuccessful attempt to win the reclusive nation's nuclear disarmament.

Instead, the officials said, it brought both sides to the table with increasing seriousness, as they work through myriad logistical and policy decisions to keep June 12 a viable option for the summit.

An advance team, led by Deputy Chief of Staff Joe Hagin, met with the North Korean team in Singapore on Wednesday, and expect to meet again on Thursday, according to the White House.

But his comments come at a sensitive moment, when a senior North Korean official is in NY for talks with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the planned summit.

"Moscow wants to be in the loop concerning the latest developments, especially with respect to the likely summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un", Lukin said.

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