Published: Sat, June 02, 2018
Worldwide | By Stella Potter

Michael Rotondo, 30-Year-Old Evicted From Parents' Home, Finally Moves Out

Michael Rotondo, 30-Year-Old Evicted From Parents' Home, Finally Moves Out

Michael Rotondo, the 30-year-old NY man who famously was ordered by a judge to move out of his parents' house, is apparently complying with the court's ruling, but apparently it's not going well.

According to the report, Rotondo moved all of his belongings from the home, including a Volkswagon Passat that had been sitting in his parents' driveway, untouched for months.

According to local media, he left a couple of hours before a midday deadline set by a judge last week.

News crews recorded him packing up a pickup truck this week.

But before leaving for good, he called 911 to rat out his dad, Mark - for allegedly not letting him search the basement for his 8-year-old son's Legos. His father found and retrieved the toy building blocks, handing them over at some point after officers arrived, and that whole episode certainly sounds like a productive and necessary use of police time. They told a judge they'd given him five written notices asking him to leave and offering financial assistance if he moved out.

There were no tearful goodbyes: Rotondo says he'll have no further relationship with his parents.

But in the weeks since the story made the rounds on CNN, TMZ, Fox News, "Jimmy Kimmel Live", and other TV shows and publications around the world, other people also named Michael Rotondo started getting mistaken for the evicted son. "I don't have to guess what's behind door number one".

He'd been living rent-free at his parents' for the past eight years, despite their numerous efforts to get him to move out.

Rotondo planned to spend the next week at an Airbnb in Syracuse. He lost custody and unsupervised visitation with the boy in 2017.

The legal battle isn't over yet, however, as Rotondo believes his parents still possess some artwork worth several thousand dollars and plans to file a lawsuit to get the possessions back.

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