Published: Tue, June 26, 2018
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Trump tries to change focus of border debate

Trump tries to change focus of border debate

On Thursday, Republicans made a decision to postpone a vote on it for the second time in less than a day.

Trump's latest tweets came after the Republican-controlled House failed to attract enough Republican support to pass a hard-line immigration bill that mirrored the president's positions. It said any parent must request that their child be deported with them.

President Trump's new executive order relieved political pressure on him but intensified friction between the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security.

While Trump may be urging the GOP to focus on getting more officials elected, his immigration-based tweets are likely to continue as he houses an increasing number of men, women, and children in his detention centers through the enactment of his administration's "zero tolerance" policy.

Earlier in the week, Trump personally rallied members to support the immigration legislation - the product of weeks of delicate negotiations between centrists and conservatives - and told Republican lawmakers he was with them "1,000 per cent".

Donald Trump has told his fellow Republicans in Congress to "stop wasting their time" on immigration legislation until after November, dismissing his party's struggle to surmount internal divisions. Trump tweeted on Friday.

"We can not allow our Country to be overrun by illegal immigrants as the Democrats tell their phoney stories of sadness and grief, hoping it will help them in the elections", he tweeted.

Sen. James Lankford says the White House needs to do a better job explaining why families were being separated at the southern border.

A little more than four months before the congressional elections, Trump also took a new shot at Democratic lawmakers, accusing them of spreading "phony stories of sadness and grief" about young immigrants separated from parents by his "zero tolerance" policy on illegal border crossings.

To Will's point, to prevent continuing action in the wrong direction within Congress would be a preferable outcome to conservatives than to allow the expansion of government authority under President Trump. United States immigration officials say 2,342 children were separated from 2,206 parents between 5 May and 9 June.

Instead, Trump has blamed the Democrats for refusing to acquiesce to his demands on immigration.

At the event, Trump also bashed "the mayor of San Diego" for warning citizens about immigration agent raids.

"The strictest immigration rhetoric possible is the most effective politically for them", Yarmuth said, "They [the Trump administration] don't have any clue as to what reality is".

Earlier this week, HHS requested that the Pentagon be prepared to house up to 20,000 unaccompanied migrant children at US military bases.

In abandoning the compromise bill and delaying a vote until after the November elections, Trump risks losing $23 billion in funding for border security included in the proposal, some of which would go toward building the wall along the USA border with Mexico. Doing so has been derisively called granting "amnesty" to those who entered the country illegally.

The Trump administration announced plans in April to prosecute all immigrants caught along the southwest border with illegally entering the country. "Without having Democrats voting, there is no way you can get this done", he said.

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