Published: Thu, June 28, 2018
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United Nations chief condemns explosion at election rally in Zimbabwe

United Nations chief condemns explosion at election rally in Zimbabwe

Mnangagwa, a former Mugabe loyalist installed after the army ousted his erstwhile patron, said the object had "exploded a few inches away from me, but it is not my time".

The blast which went off shortly after President Emmerson Mnangagwa addressed a stadium crowd in Bulawayo has been called an assassination attempt.

"It's not the first attempt (on) my life".

While Bulawayo has always been a bastion of opposition to the ZANU-PF and it was Mnangagwa's first rally in the city, commentators suggest the attack could have been instigated by internal ructions within the ruling party.

President Kenyatta offered his message of goodwill to the President and the people of Zimbabwe and termed the attack as an affront on democracy by misguided elements out to subvert the free will of the peace loving people of the Southern Africa nation.

Mnangagwa added, "However, my fellow Zimbabweans I assure you they will not succeed, we will not turn back; the forces of progress can not be stopped".

"My fellow Zimbabweans, in November we all came together motivated by a dream of a democratic and prosperous Zimbabwe, a peaceful Zimbabwe though it has not been easy over the past seven months we have marched together step by step towards this dream", he said. Mnangagwa and all members of his administration should use the incident to demonstrate to the world that Zimbabwe has indeed turned the corner and now committed to flushing out societal malcontents without shedding blood.

"This is going to make everyone a little bit tense. this is the first time we have seen such a blatant attack", she said blaming divisions inside the ruling ZANU-PF for the attack. "We will not let Zimbabwe fail because of these bomb blasts", Ramaphosa told ANC party supporters.

Plain-clothes police conducted random stop-and-search operations on the streets of Bulawayo while armed police mounted check points along the main highway leading out of the city. "We must not speculate ahead of investigations", Charamba said. "These sort of things don't happen in Zimbabwe but in Iraq and Iran".

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