Published: Fri, July 13, 2018
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Apple MacBook Pro models updated with beefier processors and RAM

Apple MacBook Pro models updated with beefier processors and RAM

For example, those eligible to take advantage of the promotion can pick up the Apple Pencil for $89. The T2 does a lot more, most notably providing on-the-fly storage encryption and providing a secure boot process. They have updated components, but the computer design is unchanged.

Kuo, who has correctly predicted Apple launches in the past, believes Apple will overhaul its line of Mac computers, MacBooks and the Mac Mini. Now, it's turning up on a Mac for the first time.

Now, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about the new MacBook Pros. True Tone is a nice feature that matches the color temperature of your display to the color temperature of your surroundings, thanks to an embedded light sensor. Even the Touch Bar gets the same True Tone adjustments, so that it doesn't contrast glaringly with the primary display. No bad butterfly keyboard here! Apple claims a 70% performance boost over the previous generation. Apple had said it was not a safety issue and had offered worldwide free replacement for such batteries.

Editor's note: Apple says the new MacBook Pro keyboard does not address the problems experienced by some owners. It's just that it focuses on sound more than anything else.

Blackmagic said the eGPU is created to maximize airflow and heat dissipation, meaning it can run as quiet as 18 dB, depending on how fast its variable-speed fan is spinning. Or rather, newish. It's a 3rd generation Butterfly and Dome switch set up.

Just as notable as what Apple has changed for its 2018 refresh are the things that have stayed the same. That, according to Apple, has been some of the most intense feedback the company has gotten over the new keyboards. Bluetooth has been upgraded, with a 5.0 radio now included rather than 4.2.

New Leather Sleeves for MacBook Pro First introduced with MacBook, Apple leather sleeves are now available for the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro in Saddle Brown, Midnight Blue and, for the first time, Black.

Since you can't upgrade the internals at a later stage, if you want to add more internal storage, you will have to do it at purchase. "The company also says its 15" wonders will all come with 4 GB of GDDR5 memory for configurations with Radeon Pro discrete graphics, up from 2 GB in lower-end discrete graphics configurations of the past. This model still relies on integrated graphics and starts at $1,299, going up to $3,699 fully loaded.

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