Published: Sat, July 21, 2018
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No-confidence motion: Modi gains trust, Rahul confidence

No-confidence motion: Modi gains trust, Rahul confidence

In his speech during the no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha on Friday, Rahul Gandhi opened fire against Narendra Modi and his government for failing to stay true to the promises made by the NDA during the 2014 election campaign.

"Arrogance is behind the no-confidence motion", Modi said and hit out at the Congress, saying this is not the floor test of the government but a "force" test of the main opposition party and its so-called allies.

Replying to the no-confidence motion moved by the BJP's former ally TDP and supported by Congress among other opposition parties, Modi said only the 125 crore people of the country can decide who would sit in the prime minister's chair or who can be unseated.

Speaking in the Lower House of the Parliament, the Prime Minister said, "I was surprised at Rahul Gandhi's excitement to come and hug me". And the incumbent NDA government is lagging behind by a huge margin even after its four years in office, the India Today Fact Check Team said.

"He (Rahul) says I can not see eye to eye with him".

"A new political discourse has now been set as a valid alternative to the culture of hatred and division as espoused by the prime minister and the BJP", he said. He said the party moved no-confidence motion were once with the NDA. He (Rahul) had said last time that when he would speak, there would be an natural disaster.

Gandhi's speech was marked by noisy protests from the treasury benches as he targeted Modi and projected the RSS, BJP and its top leaders as agents of "anger and hatred" and "thanked" them for making him understand the meaning of a Congressman, an Indian and a Hindu so that he can only have "love" for them.

"I personally have not seen him this effective in parliament before today", Subramanya added.

But the sharpest attack from Mr. Gandhi was on the allegations of corruption in the Rafale deal targeting the government's claim of providing a corruption free government. The prime minister shook hands with him but ignored Gandhi's request to stand so that he could hug him. Its headline said: "Modi gains trust, Rahul confidence". In a statement, the French government said: "When a deal is very sensitive, we can't reveal all details". "Rahul Creates Flutter, Modi Has Last Word", it said, pointing out the various parties that backed the BJP and those that did not.

The prime minister also condemned the incidents of rape and atrocities against women and said "any instance of violence brings shame to the nation".

Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge said the Modi government, which claimed that it had electrified 18,000 villages, should say who electrified the 6.23 lakh villages before that. These states are prospering ...

He then blamed the Congress for the "NPA problem".

Opposition leaders, however, hope to reap political gains ahead of national elections early next year. With 451 members present in the House, the half-way mark was 226, which the government reached comfortably.

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