Published: Mon, July 09, 2018
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Pennsylvania judge one of four Supreme Court finalist

Pennsylvania judge one of four Supreme Court finalist

CBN News asked Severino about Democrats crossing a risky line by questioning the beliefs of nominees.

WERTHEIMER: A very appealing candidate but not necessarily to President Trump's base voters - who do you think they'd like best?

The person says Schumer told Trump he could unify the country by nominating Merrick Garland.

He ruled in favor of police's ability to gather cellphone tower location information (the Supreme Court and Chief Justice John Roberts ruled the other way); upheld a MI law that barred public schools from collecting union dues from their teachers, and required unions to do the collecting themselves; upheld a mandatory minimum sentence for a man who pleaded guilty to drug charges, even though Congress had reduced the mandatory minimum between the man's guilty plea and sentencing; and struck down a complaint brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that said Kaplan's use of credit checks on job applicants had a discriminatory effect on African Americans.

Conservatives have rallied around Barrett, citing her right-leaning and deeply religious viewpoints. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Sen. On Wednesday, Sen. Susan Collins, a moderate Republican from ME, reiterated that she could not vote for a nominee with a "demonstrated hostility" to Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision that established a woman's right to an abortion. But they're determined to make it agonizing for a pair of pivotal GOP senators to back the nominee. Then again, considering that Cruz is widely disliked by his fellow Republicans in the Senate, it may have been enough for him to simply be supported by Lee. Sutton, for example, made reference to the infamous 1927 Supreme Court case Buck v. Bell, that upheld Virginia's eugenic sterilization laws for the mentally ill.

"I don't see Roe v. Wade being overturned anytime soon".

But Democrats killed his nomination. Why? Kennedy was long considered the court's swing vote, and while Republicans are jubilant about getting a second nomination to the court under Trump, Democrats are concerned Trump will replace Kennedy with a more pure conservative justice who might overturn rulings dealing with abortion, gay rights and other issues.

Working closely with a White House team and consulting with lawmakers and outside advisers, Trump has spent the week deliberating on the choice.

Trump has interviewed seven candidates, but narrowed the field to three top contenders, according to the Associated Press.

But last week a political tornado barreled through her campaign and those of other red-state Democrats trying to keep their seats in a Senate that Republicans narrowly control.

President Trump is expected to announce his nominee in a prime-time ceremony Monday night.

On Election Day 2016, a fifth of all voters said the Supreme Court was their No. 1 voting issue - and majority voted for Trump, says Mallory Quigley, spokesperson for the Susan B. Anthony List, which supports antiabortion candidates and lobbies on behalf of law and policy restricting abortion rights. But in recent days the White House has seen the pressure ebb, as Kavanaugh's defenders - most recently Alberto Gonzales, who served as attorney general under President George W. Bush - have provided balance.

But whoever is picked by the President may have to go through a bruising confirmation process. The person did not specify which candidates Pence met with and spoke on condition of anonymity to describe the process. "Honestly I could pick any of the 25 and they would be terrific", Trump told reporters.

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