Published: Wed, July 25, 2018
Research | By Wilma Wheeler

Super Soaker: Stormy Day Will Bring Showers, Heavy Downpours

Super Soaker: Stormy Day Will Bring Showers, Heavy Downpours

As for rain we're monitoring today, Monday, and the end of next week for chances in the next 8 days with the greatest chance at this point not until Thursday and Friday of next week.

Wednesday NightShowers and thunderstorms likely, mainly after 1 a.m. A few lingering showers may be possible, too.

Monsoon moisture hasn't left the state, and that means rain chances are back across southern Colorado. The movement of any storms through midweek will be from south to north, which will make the "training" of storms possible, or the movement of heavy downpours over the same area repeatedly. The showers will be on and off as the low spins to the west of Ohio. Storms should clear El Paso, Pueblo and western Las Animas counties generally after 5pm and move east and southeast to the Kansas border. However, when the skies do open up, it can rain hard given the high humidity and the high amount of moisture that's in the air.

Severe Weather Expected Tonight

Tomorrow will be sunny with highs in the upper 80s to low 90s. It also will continue to be very hot and humid, with the heat index possibly reaching 105 to 110 degrees in the afternoon. Keep in mind this is not gospel, but shows the potential for these SCATTERED, hit or miss storms around the area. Wednesday, our next more significant weather-maker will be on the way. Highs on Friday will stretch into the mid to upper 80s, under partly to mostly sunny skies. But now that it's here, we will be seeing potentially a lot of it this weekend. Rainfall totals through Wednesday night range anywhere from 5 to 10 inches, but many spots could have locally higher amounts than that.

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