Published: Wed, August 15, 2018
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5 things to know about Christine Hallquist, trailblazing Vermont candidate

5 things to know about Christine Hallquist, trailblazing Vermont candidate

Even with her nomination, though, Hallquist has made history.

"We've got a lot of volunteers and a lot of energized folks", she said.

"We had a very unexpected event at the end of this campaign that happened", he said. Hallquist points out that she's also an engineer, an innovator and a progressive. If she wins, she'll become the nation's first transgender governor. The Vermont Democrat responded by focusing more on the use of the labels of socialism and capitalism, saying she's not "big on labels".

But he is expected to decline the Democratic nomination and run as an independent candidate with the party's backing, as he has done previously.

"I think we should probably take a look at that to be perfectly honest", Republican Governor Phil Scott told reporters when asked if he thought 14-year-olds should be eligible to run. If she wins the gubernatorial election in November, she will not only be the first transgender governor but only the second governor to be elected while out as LGBT. But the result was the latest illustration of Trump's power over the GOP: A sitting president helped oust a sitting governor from his own party.

Steil, a University of Wisconsin regent who described himself as a "problem solver", defeated a field that included conservative activist Paul Nehlen, who was banned by Twitter for posting racially insensitive tweets, and U.S. Army veteran Nick Polce. "He will claim that he has pushed back against Democratic proposals to raise taxes and fees and that the state's economy is in better shape today than it was two years ago".

Ryan, the third most powerful person in American politics, is retiring in November to spend more time with his family, leaving the marginal seat he has held for 20 years vacant. Scott's once sky-high popularity has waned, potentially leaving an opening for a well-funded Democratic challenger.

Hallquist is the former CEO of Vermont Electric Cooperative, a member-owned utilities group, and has stressed that while media coverage often focuses exclusively on her identity as a transgender woman, she wants to be seen as more than an LGBTQ candidate.

Hallquist greets supporters during her election night party in Burlington, Vermont.

"Vermonters are going to elect me on the platform". She was so open about her 2015 transition, she allowed news organizations to chronicle the change.

Last year Randy "Ironstache" Bryce released a campaign advertisement that went viral in which he said he and Ryan should trade places, earning him an influx of donations and high-profile endorsements.

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