Published: Mon, August 20, 2018
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Giuliani tries to walk back 'truth isn’t truth’ remarks

Giuliani tries to walk back 'truth isn’t truth’ remarks

Giuliani says it's "silly" to say Trump should testify "because he's going to tell the truth and he shouldn't worry" because "it's somebody's version of the truth".

When Todd countered that "truth is truth", Mr Giuliani exclaimed: "Truth isn't truth". "Truth isn't truth", Giuliani retorted.

Quipped Oliver: "You just said 'truth isn't truth!' That is not acceptable from a president's lawyer".

I think it's fair to say, as Stephen Hayes does, that it's unlikely that Mueller would try to indict the sitting president of the United States for "lying" to federal officials just because his account of a conversation didn't match up with James Comey's.

"Truth isn't truth?" a startled Todd asked.

The interviewer put his hand on his forehead and said: "This is going to become a bad meme!".

"No, no, no ... don't do this to me", said Giuliani, putting his hand to his head.

When Todd questioned that, he continued: "Well, they knew it when they met with her, not when they set up the meeting".

"Donald Trump says I didn't talk about [former national security adviser Michael] Flynn with [then-FBI Director James] Comey".

"I guess Jared is a fine man, you know that", Giuliani said. "Sometimes further inquiry can reveal the truth other times it doesn't".

"If fact [checking] is anything, we've never had anybody with the level of mendacity that he has".

"No, it wasn't", Giuliani responded.

"Yes it is - yes they are".

Giuliani even suggested they may not have known she was Russian.

During his Meet the Press appearance, Giuliani sparred with anchor Chuck Todd over whether or not the president should sit for an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller, who is now investigating Russia's role in the 2016 presidential election.

On Sunday, Giuliani defended the Trump legal team's drawn-out negotiations over a possible meeting between the president and Mueller's team by saying he does not want Trump to be caught in a so-called perjury trap.

"They have two pieces of evidence", Giuliani said to Todd on Sunday morning, explaining his stance.

"When you tell me ..."

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