Published: Sat, August 11, 2018
Research | By Wilma Wheeler

Look up this weekend for annual meteor shower

Look up this weekend for annual meteor shower

The Perseid meteor shower will peak this weekend between the night of Saturday, August 11, and the morning of Monday, August 13.

This year forecasters say we could see anywhere from 60-70 meteors per hour but during outburst years (like 2016) the rate can be between 150-200 meteors per hour.

But in order to enjoy the sight of "shooting stars", clear skies are necessary.

One of the best-regarded meteor showers of the year peaks this weekend - The Perseid Meteor Shower. "Moon is to set at 7.12pm Doha time", the expert added.

Get out of the city, away from street lights. According to, this year's peak will be visible both the nights of August 11-12 and August 12-13.

Perseid meteors pose no threat to Earth, as many of them burn up in the atmosphere more than 50 miles above the surface. Allow your eyes some time to adjust. The meteors, it's said, rain like sparks from his blade. In contrast, clouds, showers and scattered thunderstorms will thwart prospective meteor watchers in a swath extending from the southern Great Plains northeast through the Carolinas, the Middle Atlantic states and on up into the so-called "Northeast Corridor", running from Washington and Baltimore to Philadelphia, New York and Boston. National Weather Service projections from the office in Louisville show tonight will be partly cloudy and less than ideal, but Saturday and Sunday night will be mostly clear. Others are brighter and can appear to sail across our sky for several seconds, leaving a glowing smoke trail. No special equipment is needed, but if you want the best view, it helps to be as far from artificial light as possible.

People can also bring lawn chairs and blankets to watch the meteor shower from the grassy area around the observatory.

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