Published: Wed, August 08, 2018
Worldwide | By Stella Potter

Saudi Arabia rules out mediation in Canada row, mulls new measures

Saudi Arabia rules out mediation in Canada row, mulls new measures

But she said: "At the same time, we hope that Saudi Arabia and Canada will find a civilized solution to their differences".

Saudi Arabia, one the world's top executioners, beheaded 48 people in the first four months of 2018, according to Human Rights Watch - but crucifixions are rare.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia executed a man by crucifixion in the holy city of Mecca on Wednesday, while it was trying to attack Canada on its human rights record.

Thomas Juneau, an assistant professor at the University of Ottawa's Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, estimated the overall trade relationship between Canada and Saudi Arabia totals between $3 and $4 billion a year.

The diplomatic spat between Canada and Saudi Arabia that erupted over the weekend has left many wondering what exactly is going on.

The true impact of Saudi Arabia's flexing of diplomatic muscle is still unclear.

Days after it broke off diplomatic relations with Canada, the Saudi government is now selling off the kingdom's Canadian holdings, according to a news report, and it's doing it in a way that's likely created to push down the market value of Canadian assets.

The UK also expressed "strong" support for human rights, and said it "regularly" raises concerns with the kingdom, but did not mention the specific case of the Badawis. That will remove an estimated $2 billion in investment from Canada.

Saudi Arabia is considering additional measures against Canada amid reports it plans to unload its holdings of Canadian stocks and bonds as a dispute over women's rights activists intensifies.

Saudi Arabia has directed asset managers to sell off Canadian equities as part of an escalating response to criticism from Canada according to a report by the Financial Times. Freeland declined to comment on Horak's exact location and would only say he was doing fine.

"The key is to work with allies and friends in the region to cool things down, which can happen quickly", said the source, who declined to be identified because of the sensitivity of the situation.

Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir told a news conference in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, that Ottawa knew what it needed to do to "fix its big mistake".

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