Published: Tue, September 18, 2018
Worldwide | By Stella Potter

Top Dem says Trump is 'terrified' of what Manafort could reveal

Top Dem says Trump is 'terrified' of what Manafort could reveal

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort arrives for arraignment on a third superseding indictment against him by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on charges of witness tampering, at U.S. District Court in Washington, June 15, 2018.

According to the arrangement, he has reportedly agreed to cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller III who is now investigating the United States president's links to Russia's interference in the 2016 election. Manafort was found guilty on eight charges, including tax fraud by a Virginia court last month.

On Friday, the special counsel filed a criminal information-a charging document that is filed by prosecutors to indicate the criminal conduct to which the defendant will plead guilty-which details Manafort's numerous connections to foreign governments and the use of foreign bank accounts to funnel millions of dollars into the US without paying taxes.

A courtroom sketch depicts Paul Manafort (center), former chairman of Donald Trump's campaign, and his defense lawyer Richard Westling, (left) standin.

Friday's deal, to charges tied to Ukrainian political consulting work, but unrelated to the campaign, was struck just days before Manafort was to have stood trial for a second time.

Manafort may know less about Trump's sexual shenanigans and the women threatened or paid to stay quiet than fixer Cohen does. Now that Manafort has entered the black box of federal cooperation with no apparent way for Trump to learn what he's told prosecutors and the grand jury, there is no upside-and still plenty of downside-for Trump to attempt to pardon Manafort.

"It's not going to hurt him if he pleads guilty". "This had absolutely nothing to do with the President or his victorious 2016 Presidential campaign", she said. Mueller's investigators have questioned some of Stone's associates over the past several months about the 2016 hack of Democratic National Committee servers - in which Russian hackers stole thousands of documents, according to U.S. intelligence, and WikiLeaks then posted more than 20,000 internal DNC emails - and any communications with WikiLeaks.

If so, it will not be forgotten by the White House that Manafort fought a long and determined war with federal prosecutors at great personal cost while remaining loyal to the President.

"The expectations around Manafort's co-operation are likely at a level beyond anyone else to date who has agreed to co-operate", said Jacob Frenkel, a Washington lawyer not involved in the case. "I know all about flipping, for 30, 40 years I've been watching flippers", Trump said.

- He has information about what happened in the Trump campaign, but that information doesn't touch the president directly. Others who have pleaded guilty are former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos and Manafort's deputy Rick Gates. Manafort was later sent an email that the politicians had "delivered the message of not letting 'Russians Steal Ukraine from the West"'.

"He was under tremendous pressure", the former judge said, explaining Manafort's decision during an interview on "ABC This Week". "Bada bing bada boom", Manafort wrote to a colleague, prosecutors say. Manafort's camp has insisted that he has nothing to offer the government on the president, and the White House stated unequivocally on Friday that it has no connection to the plea deal.

But he agreed to forfeit several properties, including an apartment at Trump Tower in NY, and bank accounts as part of a deal in which he will cooperate with the Special Counsel.

Taking to his Twitter handle, the US President wrote a strongly-worded statement, claiming that there was no collusion with Russian Federation and that the probe is "not allowed under the law".

Manafort will be sentenced after he completes his cooperation with the special counsel, which may well affect the length of the sentence.

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