Published: Fri, September 14, 2018
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Trump disputes Hurricane Maria death toll in Puerto Rico

Trump disputes Hurricane Maria death toll in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico didn't restore power across the island until last month, meaning some residents on the island lacked power for almost a year after the hurricane. This is about a country that really suffered, we still. you see the hurricanes forming now.

Some well-known Republicans split with Trump on the issue.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said he saw no reason to dispute the numbers found in the GWU study.

After discussing the political impact of the comment that has largely drawn bipartisan debunking, Mike Barnicle summed it up best "Let's say I am running in the state of MS, you got a good economy".

Up to a quarter of a million people were displaced and much of the island was without power for several months following the massive storm. I toured the entire island. "That is just what happened". But it wasn't only the mayor who criticized Trump.

"We left this analysis to the scientists and experts, recognising that there would be many challenges, because we wanted to have a powerful and independent voice to minimise the uncertainty", he said in a video on Facebook.

It was the second time this week that the president had made outlandish claims about Puerto Rico, which also engendered a furious response. Sen. "The loss of any life is tragic", Scott continued, "the extent of lives lost as a result of Maria is heart wrenching". "I'll continue to help PR", he tweeted.

Trump has consistently denied any fault for his administration in the aftermath of the storm.

Earlier this week, Mr Trump hailed the U.S. response in Puerto Rico as "an incredible, unsung success".

The president defended the federal government's "fantastic job" in Puerto Rico. You should not be just having a parade of self-accolades. You will never take away our self respect. Governor Ricardo Rosselló faced constant political challenges over the disparity between the official death toll, released within weeks of the disaster, and what was apparent to most scientific researchers and reporters who investigated deaths. "We should all have done more", Cruz told CNN's Anderson Cooper later Tuesday evening. Cruz had earlier described the federal disaster response in the USA territory a "despicable act of neglect".

The official death count increased months after the storm because the government of Puerto Rico originally did not acknowledge counts from news outlets investigating the impact of the storm. We are public health people. "If he calls a success, or an unsung success, 3,000 people dying on his watch, definitely he doesn't know what success is". "He simply is unable to grasp the human suffering that his neglect and lack of sensibility have caused us".

Members of both parties on Capitol Hill disagreed with the president's statements. Trump didn't think it was accurate.

In one Twitter post, Trump accused "Democrats" of fabricating the revised death toll "to make me look as bad as possible".

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