Published: Sun, October 21, 2018
Sports | By Angie Alvarado

Sebastian Vettel summoned to stewards, could face grid penalty

Sebastian Vettel summoned to stewards, could face grid penalty

Vettel and Ferrari had hoped the stewards, who spent several hours investigating his speeding offence in the morning, might take a more relaxed and "common-sense" approach to his misdemeanor.

Following the Japanese Grand Prix, Hamilton posted on Instagram to defend Vettel, claiming he had been the subject of unfair criticism after a series of mistakes in recent races.

Sebastian Vettel fell foul of a "rubbish rule" that has left him counting the cost of a three-place grid drop for the United Sates, according to Red bull team principal Christian Horner. That red-flagged the session, meaning all drivers were required to drive at a significantly reduced pace and return to the pits.

Lewis Hamilton may be on the brink of beating Sebastian Vettel to this year's Formula One title, but insists he is still expecting a Ferrari fightback in the remaining four races.

Asked if he accepted that Hamilton and Mercedes had done a better job this year, Vettel said: "So far yes", he said on Thursday. "To be consistent with previous decisions on similar incidents this year, the Stewards assessed the penalty specified above".

"I think I saw the red flag, I slowed down, had a look around [to see] where was the auto potentially stuck in the wall - if there was one around Turn 9 and 10 - and then slowed down significantly to comply with the rules", said the German. "I think very respectful".

"[For example] if you're halfway through Turns 17 and 18 [the fast double-right hander] it's a bit tricky to slow down as much as you should".

The four-time champion has called for "common sense" moving forward and he believes the current ruling is wrong. I don't think his name will be a burden in my personal opinion.

Vettel revealed he had been told that it took him 27.7 seconds to reach the speed required under rules new for 2018 that have also caught out Daniel Ricciardo and Esteban Ocon. I should have slowed to 30kph but then maybe a vehicle behind me would have crashed into me, and what's the point of that?

"Even if I had a kid that wants to race, and even if he's no good he can make it to F1 because of the name".

"In my opinion, it's not the right thing - if there's a auto behind you, it might run into you, but [it is] more important that you don't get a penalty".

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