Published: Sun, November 04, 2018
Research | By Wilma Wheeler

Brazil's anti-corruption judge considers joining Bolsonaro

Brazil's anti-corruption judge considers joining Bolsonaro

Bolsonaro also doubled down on his most radical proposal for fighting Brazil's soaring crime rate: loosening gun laws so "good people" can take justice into their own hands.

But to many, Bolsonaro's most concerning trait is a lack of concern about Brazil's nascent political checks and balances, implemented in the late 1980's as the country tried to shake off two decades of military rule.

However, the judge has also been criticized by many, especially those in the left-wing Workers' Party after jailing former President Lula da Silva on corruption charges. His supporters have accused the judge of bias against their leaders.

A columnist for Estado de S. Paulo reported on the newspaper's website on Wednesday that Moro will accept an offer from Bolsonaro to run the Justice Ministry with expanded powers over corruption and public safety, without citing a source.

In the interview with TV Record, he noted he held off on mentioning a role for Moro during the presidential race. "Yes, I'm homophobic - and very proud of it", he once said.

"I plan to speak with him, to find out if he's interested and, if there is interest on his part, he will certainly be an extremely important person in a government like ours". "For sure he will be a person of extreme importance".

Bolsonaro, who won 55 percent of the vote in a run-off on Sunday, issued a series of campaign pledges that left many fearing for the future of the Amazon rainforest, known as "the lungs of the planet".

In his first interviews as president-elect, Bolsonaro said he hoped to start passing "at least part" of his proposed pension reform this year. He visited a church led by ultraconservative pastor Silas Malafaia and spoke briefly to the faithful on stage.

Following behind-closed-door talks on Tuesday, Bolsonaro's top economic adviser Paulo Guedes confirmed that an economic super-ministry would be formed combining finance, planning, industry and trade.

Earlier in the day, Environment Minister Edson Duarte said in a statement that he was surprised and concerned by the announcement about plans to combine the agriculture and environmental portfolios.

For worldwide investors looking to make up losses suffered in the ongoing selloff that has seen the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 Index slip into negative territory on the year, Brazil could be a tempting option.

As an worldwide community of NGOs, we call on President Bolsonaro to use his position not just as a national leader, but as a global leader, to fulfill Brazil's global responsibilities to protect human rights, democracy and the environment, and to honour the agreements and conventions it has signed up to Governments and the worldwide business community must work to do the same.

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