Published: Wed, January 09, 2019
Research | By Wilma Wheeler

Brazilian president says United States military base may be established in Brazil

Brazilian president says United States military base may be established in Brazil

"Secretary Pompeo congratulated President Bolsonaro on his inauguration and reaffirmed the strong U.S. -Brazil partnership; rooted in our shared commitment to democracy, education, prosperity, security and human rights", said the U.S. State Department in a press release.

Retired Army General Augusto Heleno, Bolsonaro's top adviser on security, did not elaborate. It fears that the move could anger Arab customers who buy every year of Brazil meat for millions of dollars that has been slaughtered according to Islamic rite.

The impression left was that Bolsonaro's first week was marked by moves aimed at appealing to his socially conservative base made up of evangelical Christian, pro-gun and pro-business groups, but with little underlying strategy.

New Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo indirectly criticized the LGBT community as being "those that say they are not men and women".

"We have to worry about our security and our sovereignty", he said, adding: "I consider the American people our friends". "The World Trade Organization itself is beginning the process of reforms".

A possible remedy: A USA military base in their own country.

The gathering will give Bolsonaro an opportunity to meet other leaders, including US President Donald Trump, whom he admires and shares a similar world view that promotes nationalism over multilateralism.

The comment confirmed a statement by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who arrived in Brazil last week to attend Bolsonaro's January 1 investiture.

More announcements and decisions are expected from Bolsonaro and his team in the coming days and weeks as he seeks to put his stamp on Brazil while he enjoys very high approval ratings.

The newly inaugurated leader also said he is concerned that the latest proposal for the sale of 80 percent of Embraer's commercial aviation business to Boeing could ultimately lead to the US planemaker owning all of the new venture.

In the other ministries could be similar to the method, said Lorenzoni.

Ceara's governor belongs to the leftwing Workers Party which was driven into opposition by the election of Bolsonaro and his ultraconservative allies.

On Wednesday, Bolsonaro unveiled plans to step up privatizations, toughen prison sentencing guidelines and hand control over indigenous land claims to the powerful Agriculture Ministry.

Bolsonaro's first day in office sparked a wave of optimism in Brazil's financial market.

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