Published: Mon, January 14, 2019
Sports | By Angie Alvarado

Drastic A's step could cost Giants Kyler Murray QB dream

Drastic A's step could cost Giants Kyler Murray QB dream

Some have argued that the guaranteed money he's already agreed to with Oakland would be enough to convince him to stick with baseball and report to MLB spring training in February as the A's hope.

If Murray declares for the NFL draft in 2019 or 2020 and is a first-round pick he would be the first player to be a first-round pick in both the NFL and MLB drafts. According to Mike Leslie of WFAA, Murray wants $15 million guaranteed from Oakland otherwise he will enter the NFL Draft.

The Oakland Athletics can sign Kyler Murray to a major league deal and offer him significant guaranteed money to choose baseball over football without running afoul of Major League Baseball rules, league sources told ESPN, the latest twist in a sport-vs. -sport battle for the Heisman Trophy victor that's expected to be resolved in the coming days.

Compensation surely is another factor Kyler Murray must be wrestling with as he decides whether to play baseball or football professionally. With multiple teams reportedly putting first-round grades on Murray, though, and believing they can scheme around his deficiencies in size by taking advantage of his superior athleticism, the prospect of Murray leaving baseball behind is real. The A's drafted Murray in the first round of the 2018 Major League Baseball draft in June.

If Murray were to head to the National Football League, he would have to repay the bonus to the Athletics.

When considering his future earning potential, that's when it gets tricky.

But since National Football League contracts aren't fully guaranteed, Murray could risk leaving lots of cash on the table if he were to be seriously injured or if he didn't perform up to expectations. ESPN's Jeff Passan reported the league will consider allowing Murray to sign a major-league deal, which would allow the A's to exceed the cap that is put on recently-drafted players.

That must be one hefty pro/con list.

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