Published: Sat, January 05, 2019
Medicine | By Ray Hunter

Flu season starting to pick up, CDC reports

Flu season starting to pick up, CDC reports

No reports of influenza outbreaks were reported from nursing homes or other facilities this season.

The early start to the flu season was partly to blame for filling emergency rooms with flu-infected people, the Public Health Agency of Canada has said.

For the same week a year ago (week 51, December 17-23, 2017), the CDC reported three influenza-associated pediatric deaths.

Flu season is picking up in the Hoosier state, according to the Indiana Department of Public Health. "Up from previous weeks where we have 5-6 in an entire week", said Tom Haupt, DHS.

If it seems like you know a lot of people who've come down with the flu lately, you're on to something.

Those numbers are a jump from the fewer than 90 cases confirmed the week of December 8.

Widespread indicates more than half of the Commonwealth's regions are reporting increased flu cases or outbreaks. Children younger than 5 had the highest incidence of hospitalization, with 10 per 100,000 people.

The predominant flu strain could also change later in the season, he said.

Recently, a 65-year-old man who was infected with Influenza A died, making him the first flu fatality.

Vaccinations can be given any time during the flu season but providers are encouraged to administer the vaccine as soon as possible.

He said it was not too late to get the flu vaccine and urged vulnerable people in particular to get it.

Health experts say when it comes to the flu, there are major symptoms to be on the look out for - especially ones that appear suddenly and severely.

Although the vaccine won't prevent all cases of the flu, it lessens the severity and duration of symptoms, and those who get flu after receiving a vaccine are less likely to require hospitalization and less likely to die.

Also, 66 of 67 counties have confirmed cases of the flu.

Dr. Rodriguez says wash your hands with soap and water if they are dirty, but if you think your hands are germ covered, she says it's better to reach for the sanitizer instead.

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