Published: Fri, January 18, 2019
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Pelosi’s Letter Effectively Bans Trump From Delivering Traditional State of the Union

Pelosi’s Letter Effectively Bans Trump From Delivering Traditional State of the Union

She added that unless the government reopens this week, they should find another date or Trump should deliver the address in writing.

The House passed the measure by voice vote.

The longest-ever government shutdown is a result of the bitter political divided over birder security issue as the Democrats who now enjoy majority in the House have refused to approve a legislation approving United States dollars 5.7 billion in federal funding to construct a wall across the US-Mexico border.

Shutdown pressure on President Donald Trump mounted Wednesday as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called on him to delay his State of the Union address and his own economists acknowledged the prolonged standoff was having a greater economic drag than previously thought.

Only 29 per cent of Americans think it would be "unacceptable" to reopen the government without substantially expanding physical barriers on the southern border with Mexico.

President Donald Trump's Republican allies say it's a political ploy - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's request that he postpone his planned State of the Union address, which is set for January 29. In fact, Democrats kept pushing to reopen the government before immigration talks.

The bill was approved 237-187 on Wednesday, mostly along party lines, but appears dead on arrival in the Republican-controlled Senate.

The White House has released revised estimates showing that the damage to the USA economy from the current government shutdown will be twice as great as they initially projected.

"There is definitely a sense that there is a deadline approaching, which would be next Tuesday, to make sure that we're able to solve this problem", said Mercedes Schlapp, a White House spokeswoman.

After Trump walked out of a meeting at the White House last week, Democrats have refused to come to the negotiation table. She pointed out the Secret Service and Homeland Security Department are among the agencies that lack funding. "And they are people who are getting angrier and angrier-more and more desperate with every day that goes by-and who are going to be making their voices heard and fighting by our side to end this shutdown right away", Senator Murray said.

Separately, a bipartisan group of senators explored solutions. "It would be completely inappropriate for President Trump to further deplete the agency's resources and manpower for the sole objective of having an hour of uninterrupted prime time television coverage", he said. Private contractors, some of whom are now without work they were on projects with government agencies, and unlike furloughed federal workers, aren't guaranteed any back-pay.

McCarthy said to Pelosi: "You're speaker of the house".

The government has been partially shut down since December 21st.

The U.S. government oversight agency, the General Accountability Office, reported past year that CBP lacked the data to fully determine the cost-effectiveness of the border wall.

The White House also threatened to veto the emergency funding bill, saying much of the money is unnecessary and duplicative.

The absolutist position of both Democratic lawmakers and Trump has many of his senior advisers anxious about economic ramifications.

When journalists caught up with Pelosi on Capitol Hill, she explained that the State of the Union usually requires massive security arrangements that might not be fulfilled if Trump tries to give the speech while so many organizers and federal workers are still furloughed.

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