Published: Wed, February 20, 2019
Industry | By Jeannie Evans

Apex Legends: Respawn has already banned 16,000 cheaters - Industry

Apex Legends: Respawn has already banned 16,000 cheaters - Industry

Apex Legends is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Fast Travel Games has the Steam Community looking into the issue, and hopefully they will find a solution that will offset some of the negativity.

Respawn's Apex Legends is a very popular, albeit young game.

Apex Construct, a VR title that launched in March 2018, has seen its Steam pageviews surge by 4,000 percent since Apex Legends launched.

In an update on the Apex Legends subreddit, the developer noted that over 16,000 cheaters have already been banned from the game.

This will no doubt be a welcome comfort for those 25 million players plus who would have, at some stage or another, experienced the game crashing or lagging during matches. Much like its nearest competitor Fortnite, Apex Legends is created to be enhanced and augmented with other modes, some of which may be on the way soon in the form of solo and duo competition. New Legends to play as, more cosmetic content, and the aforementioned modes are a given, but it's the reference to a Survival mode that sounds particularly interesting.

After last week's Valentine's Day love in, there's no overriding theme to the second patch for Apex legends. From the files, it seems that up to three teams of 20 people will be set loose on the map, and reviving players recruits them to that player's team.

The update takes the game to version 1.04, and it fixes several game crashing issues on PS4. According to the game file, the company might add two new legends - Octane and Wattson.

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