Published: Sat, February 23, 2019
Worldwide | By Stella Potter

China says humanitarian aid should not be forced into Venezuela

China says humanitarian aid should not be forced into Venezuela

The United States and scores of other countries have openly backed Guaido, who last month invoked constitutional provisions to assume the interim presidency after declaring Maduro's re-election a year ago illegitimate.

Army trucks blocking a tunnel nearly two hours west of Caracas are preventing Venezuelan National Assembly President Juan Guaido from reaching the Colombian border to oversee the entry of humanitarian aid planned for Saturday.

The responsibility "for any outbreak of violence on the border between Colombia and Venezuela rests on (Colombian President) Ivan Duque", Maduro said.

The White House said Pence will deliver remarks to the 14 nations that are part of the "Lima Group" in Bogota about addressing the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela and ongoing US efforts to deliver aid to the country.

To alleviate traffic, Colombia's general director of migration said in a statement that four border crossings would be dedicated to transporting humanitarian aid to Venezuela from 5 midnight on Saturday. Residents already feeling the strain of hosting tens of thousands of Venezuelan refugees are concerned about the show's safety and its provocative location on the Tienditas bridge that connects the two hostile countries.

"This is the real humanitarian aid of Venezuela", Ramirez said.

Maduro denies there is a humanitarian crisis in Venezuela and said on Thursday he was considering closing the border with Colombia and would close the border with Brazil.

"I think one of the government's aims is to confuse the whole thing, possibly to create some kind of chaos that makes the opposition look bad", Phil Gunson, a senior analyst with the Crisis Group based in Caracas, said of Maduro's rival concert.

But Maria Teresa Belandria, Guaido's designated ambassador in Brazil said 100 tons of food, medicines and emergency kits were waiting to be trucked from Boa Vista to Pacaraima on the Venezuelan border.

Guaido has set a Saturday deadline for the aid to be allowed into Venezuela.

US President Donald Trump's national security adviser, John Bolton, highlighted Chirinos' announcement in a note posted on Twitter on Wednesday but misidentified him as the military attache to the United Nations.

Guaido still has not provided details on how the aid will come in. "That's a decision of the Venezuelan people", Bernie added.

He also announced on Thursday the arrival of another 7.5 tons of medicine and medical supplies from Russian Federation.

Venezuelans walk back to their country after buying food in the Brazilian border city of Pacaraima, Roraima state, Brazil, February 21, 2019.

"We know that the regime is going to put all obstacles to prevent us from reaching the border, but nothing is stopping us, we are going to continue", said opposition politician Yanet Fermin.

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