Published: Thu, February 28, 2019
Worldwide | By Stella Potter

Corbyn in office would renegotiate Brexit and could hold second referendum

Corbyn in office would renegotiate Brexit and could hold second referendum

Amid fears of further defections from within its ranks, the Labour Party announced earlier this week that it would back a second referendum.

In contrast to his fellow Labour MPs, David Lammy insisted that the campaign must go away from "very urbane, good-looking men in suits" while backing Mr Lineker.

Eight backbenchers resigned from the party last week in protest over his position on the issue.

Jeremy Corbyn confirmed this in his reaction to the results, saying: "We will back a public vote in order to prevent a damaging Tory Brexit or a disastrous no deal outcome".

The British Parliament's rejection of Corbyn's plan - widely expected - could move the Labour Party closer toward throwing its full weight behind a new public vote on Brexit.

With just over a month until Britain is due to leave the bloc on March 29, Prime Minister Theresa May is seeking changes to her exit deal in order to break an impasse in parliament.

The UK Conservative Government and the opposition Labour Party are now in turmoil after a string of resignations from both parties led to the formation of the new "Independent Group" in the UK Parliament.

In an apparent bid to stop the flow of MPs leaving the party, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn declared that his party would back another European Union referendum but some of its own MPs are still unsure if Mr Lineker should even be used.

If this is defeated, a motion asking MPs if they support a no-deal Brexit would be put before the Commons.

"If the British need more time, we would support an extension request if it was justified by new choices from the British", Macron told a joint briefing with Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel in Paris. It would leave the a second-class member of the European Union, committed to follow most of its rules but with no say in what those rules should be.

"If Britain needs some more time, we won't refuse but we are striving for an orderly solution orderly exit of Britain from the European Union", she said.

Labour lawmakers at the meeting on Monday were split in their reactions.

But it's likely that when a Labour backbench plan to force another vote emerges - for example, if a proposal from MPs Peter Kyle and Phil Wilson comes up for a vote - Jeremy Corbyn will come under huge pressure to swing behind it. We are looking now at yet another absolutely knife-edge vote on the phone if an Official Opposition amendment for a second referendum where indeed to be tabled.

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