Published: Sun, February 24, 2019
Industry | By Jeannie Evans

Huawei Mate X Screen Can Expand To The Size Of Tablet

Huawei Mate X Screen Can Expand To The Size Of Tablet

Samsung's new Galaxy Buds wireless earbuds were announced during the company's Unpacked event on Wednesday. While it is possible this could be a fake it appears to be authentic and the timing of the advert installation coincides with the announcement.

The foldable design means this likely insanely expensive concept phone has a screen that is fully plastic, with no glass in sight. The Mate X will run $2,600 for three cameras and three screens. The only other phone we've tested with two screens is the Vivo NEX Dual Display, which comes with 10GB RAM to keep things ticking along nicely. From a single display, the device transforms from a smartphone into the size of a tablet. The Galaxy Fold has a noticeable loop, seemingly large enough to slot in a pencil, while the Mate X is much more flat. It's possible that the phone may actually cost a bit less in the USA, but we can not be certain yet. It's not just utilitarian, though, the post also makes for a convenient way to grip the Mate X, and Huawei is confident this will make it comfortably usable single-handed.

You might have deduced at this point that when you fold up the phone the two resulting screens aren't symmetrical.

Foldable smartphones are now a reality. Huawei said during the presentation that its 5G tech would deliver sub-6G speeds, which in theory will be twice as fast as Qualcomm's chips. At this very early stage, all we can say for sure is that, after an extremely challenging few months for the Chinese firm, it puts Huawei back in the news again for the right reasons.

From the poster, it looks like the raised edge will house the cameras, probably allowing them to be the front cameras when folded and rear cameras when unfolded.

Aside from that, there are also suggestions that it will sport a triple-rear camera, a fingerprint scanner located at the side and possibly a notch up front, reported. Speaking about the soon-to-be-available Galaxy S10, Tarek Sabbagh, Head of IT and Mobile (IM) Division at Samsung Electronics Gulf said: "Our consumers are always looking to own the latest technology with high standard of innovation".

What actually further distinguishes the Mate X is that this isn't just Huawei's first foldable phone, it's also Huawei's first 5G phone. Initial rumours claimed that alongside based on a foldable phone form factor, the Huawei Mate X will come with 5G support. Amazingly, the Huawei Mate X can combine both these 5G frequency bands (on compatible carriers) to get download speeds in excess of 6Gbps.

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