Published: Wed, February 06, 2019
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Meghan Markle Hires A Doula For Childbirth & Prince Harry Getting ‘Coaching’ Lessons

Meghan Markle Hires A Doula For Childbirth & Prince Harry Getting ‘Coaching’ Lessons

The Duchess of Sussex, 37, who is expecting her first child with Prince Harry, 34, in the spring, is said to be receiving advice from the tennis star's PR team.

The Sun claims that royal protocol dictates members of the royal family must arrive at official outings in order of status, and considering Prince William is second-in-line to the throne and Kate his wife, they must always walk ahead of Meghan and Harry.

Meghan Markle is now seven months pregnant.

A source told the USA publication that the former actress wants to focus on being "calm" and having "positive energy" when welcoming her first child.

A source close to Mr Barr revealed: "Meghan has been having regular acupuncture sessions to help her unwind and relax".

'Her publicist Kelly put a small team together to create a pitch, and have been in touch with the Palace under an official capacity with a few ideas.

Express reports that on Meg's birthday in 2016, she wrote, "My team and I thought it may be fun to turn the tables on me and have yours truly answer the very Tig Talk I crafted when I first started this site".

Meghan is reportedly planning for a natural delivery as her due date is approaching.

A source said: 'It was pretty vile for a while.

Kensington Palace's social media accounts are a vital source of information for fans of the royals and its Instagram page has over seven million followers, while its Twitter account has almost 1.6 million.

Staying in touch after she landed her role as Rachel Zane in legal drama Suits, the pair reunited at the Super Bowl in 2014 to compete in DIRECTV's Celebrity Beach Bowl.

Williams attended the Royal Wedding and told PEOPLE in December, 2017, that Meghan frequently checks up on her.

He continued: "To sign them with the words "YOU ARE LOVED" and present them to women who sell loveless sex to men was guaranteed not to empower them but to subject them to widespread mockery - which is exactly what happened as social media erupted with memes and cruel jokes".

The moment is seriously sweet, and royal fans can't get enough of this rare insight into Meghan's pregnancy. The former actress is known to be a keen fan of yoga, mindfulness and other holistic practices, so it's unsurprising she's opted to work with a doula.

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