Published: Mon, February 11, 2019
Sports | By Angie Alvarado

MLB Hates Its Fans, Says No To DH In National League

MLB Hates Its Fans, Says No To DH In National League

Bringing the designated hitter to the National League would open up career options for 15 "pure" hitters who are good at the plate but a liability in the field. The current CBA expires at the end of the 2021 season.

The commissioner has the power to unilaterally implement those changes if Major League Baseball and the union don't come to an agreement.

Analytics have transformed baseball in a short span, leading to more infield shifts and frequent pitching changes that have combined to suffocate offense.

"I think that's just in an effort to try not to put the game in a test tube, " Torre said. "We've got another week to go, and I'm really hopeful that the representatives for the players find a club and they're able to make a deal".

Clubs were notified of the change in a December 20 memo to clubs from Jeff Pfeifer, senior director of league economics and operations in the commissioner's office.

"In recent years, the commissioner has received several inquiries regarding the name of the "Disabled List, '" Pfeifer wrote".

It has always been speculated that Major League Baseball will eventually bring the designated hitter to both leagues, which many fans would like to see happen.

Major changes to baseball's rulebook could be in the offing as Major League Baseball and its players association engaged in talks about rules proposals that would equate to an overhaul. All standards and requirements for placement, reinstatement, etc., shall remain unchanged.

Despite changing what the list will be called, there will be no changes to how the list formerly known as the disabled list, will be conducted.

Major League Baseball is reportedly renaming its "disabled list" over concerns that the language gives the wrong impression of what it is to have a disability.

Among them, according to an ESPN report, is a universal designated hitter; a three-batter minimum for pitchers; one trade deadline before the All-Star break; a 20-second pitch clock; and expanding rosters to 26 with a 12-pitchers maximum.

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