Published: Thu, February 14, 2019
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UK’s May seeks compromise with Labour in European Union divorce deal

UK’s May seeks compromise with Labour in European Union divorce deal

Britain's Parliament on Thursday will hold the latest in a series of debates and votes, in which pro-EU lawmakers will try to change the government's course, ruling out a "no-deal" Brexit and aiming for close post-Brexit ties with the EU.

The UK's chief Brexit negotiator, Olly Robbins, was overheard by a television correspondent in a bar in Brussels saying that MPs will face a stark choice between Mrs May's deal or a long extension to the Article 50 negotiation period.

The group including Labour MP Yvette Cooper and Tory former ministers Sir Oliver Letwin and Nick Boles said their plan was created to prevent the country drifting into a no-deal Brexit "by accident".

"Some countries have said that they didn't like, for example, the human rights elements that were incorporated by the European Union and they would like us to drop those in order to roll the agreements over", Fox said while answering questions in parliament on his department's progress towards striking trade deals.

The focus of numerous pro-Brexit lawmakers is the motion the government will put forward on Thursday, which some suggest takes a no deal scenario off the table.

Lawmakers overwhelmingly rejected May's Brexit deal with the European Union last month, and she is now trying to secure changes before bringing it back for another vote.

"It is the only way of giving the House of Commons the time to produce a consensus about a positive way forward if the PM can not get her deal through by mid-March".

After being grilled over the comments by Nick Ferrari on Wednesday morning, Mr Barclay told LBC: "I do not know what Olly did or did not say because I wasn't there".

May has promised MPs another chance to vote, on February 27, on what to do if no deal is reached.

Amid the labyrinthin plots and counterplots of Brexit, the United Kingdom's most significant political and economic move since the Second World War, some major investors, such as Ford Motor Co., are trying to work out whether to shutter U.K. production.

There has been concern among Conservative Brexiteers that the Prime Minister could concede too much ground to Labour in an attempt to win cross-party backing for a deal with Brussels.

French wine and spirits exporters say they are "in the total fog" over Brexit.

"That ends on March 29", she told MPs at Prime Minister's questions.

The Prime Minister told MPs that she would enable the House of Commons to lift a requirement for a 21-day delay before any vote to approve an worldwide treaty.

Thursday's vote is not binding on the government, but defeat would be a blow to her efforts to convince Brussels that she could secure a Commons majority for a revised agreement over the terms of Britain's departure. March, leave. The agreement on the modalities of the withdrawal, the May with the European Union, which had already been negotiated fell through in mid-January in the British Parliament.

Former attorney general Dominic Grieve warned on Tuesday that time was running short for the ratification of a deal under the Constitutional Reform and Governance Act.

Corbyn told parliament the prime minister has just one real tactic: "to run down the clock hoping Members of this House are blackmailed into supporting a deeply flawed deal".

But Mrs May responded: "In this instance MPs will already have debated and approved the agreement as part of the meaningful vote".

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