Published: Thu, February 28, 2019
Worldwide | By Stella Potter

Univision says Jorge Ramos is released in Venezuela

Univision says Jorge Ramos is released in Venezuela

According to the network, Ramos and five other staffers were held at the presidential palace for about three hours while interviewing embattled President Nicolás Maduro.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ordered the arrest of Univision's Jorge Ramos when the television anchor displayed video of children in the failed socialist nation eating from a garbage truck. "Venezuelan authorities should immediately return all confiscated equipment and materials to the Univision news team, and stop obstructing and harassing the press". Maduro won a presidential election past year but that was boycotted by the opposition.

Ramos told Univision that the entire team had later arrived back at their hotel.

Mr. Ramos recently spoke on Univision and said that Mr.

"We were detained, there is no other word for it, for almost three hours" at Maduro's presidential palace, Ramos told reporters.

Pedro Ultreras, a journalist who was working in Venezuela and was flying with Jorge Ramos, the best-known Spanish-language news anchor in the United States, celebrated their plane's Tuesday afternoon landing at Miami International Airport.

Ramos elaborated this confiscation was performed by Venezuelan security agents after the lights were turned off in the room.

The Mexican journalist said Maduro's team had taken the footage Ramos and his crew had managed to shoot.

"This is a violation of freedom of expression and a violation of human rights, a violation of all the principles of journalism", Ramos also stressed.

Maduro is widely viewed as an authoritarian and has been rebuked throughout the global community for undemocratic practices and policies that have helped push his country into economic collapse and chaos.

The team was released around 9:30 p.m. local time.

Venezuela holds the world's largest supply of crude oil, which once seemed to guarantee an endless flow of cash for the government.

Ramos and his team was released at 9 p.m., but Univision reported SEBIN intelligence agents kept them under surveillance even while they were with USA and Mexican diplomatic personnel. Sanders' top foreign policy adviser, Matt Duss, has accused President Donald Trump of using the turmoil in Venezuela to garner support for more aggressive measures. "This is the reality of what's happening here in Venezuela".

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