Published: Thu, February 28, 2019
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What the world is saying on rising tensions between India and Pakistan

What the world is saying on rising tensions between India and Pakistan

The conflict between Indian and Pakistan escalated on Wednesday after the Pakistan Air Force violated Indian airspace in Jammu and Kashmir's Poonch and Nowshera sectors.

Airlines like Qatar Airways issued a statement on Wednesday wherein it asserted that due to the ongoing situation on the India-Pakistan border, its flights to the airports in Faisalabad, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar and, Sialkot stand temporarily suspended. "One of the aircraft fell inside AJ&K while other fell inside IOK [Indian occupied Kashmir]", Pakistan army spokesman Maj.

Pakistan responded by shutting down its civilian airspace as Prime Minister Imran Khan called for negotiations with his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi, to ensure "better sense can prevail". "Can we afford miscalculation given the weapons you have and we have?", Mr Khan asked India.

"We have no intention of escalation, but are fully prepared to do so if forced into that paradigm", the statement said, adding that India's earlier strike had been aimed at "so-called terrorist backers without a shred of evidence".

Agreeing with the last point, the former foreign secretary of India, Kanwal Sibal, noted that Pakistan is in "no position to have an all-out war unless it wants self-destruction".

India has confirmed one of its planes was shot down by Pakistani planes and a pilot is missing.

Pakistan's foreign ministry says the country's Air Force is carrying out airstrikes from within Pakistani airspace across the disputed Kashmir boundary but that this was not in "retaliation to continued Indian belligerence".

Targeting Pakistan, MEA said, "it is unfortunate that instead of fulfilling its worldwide obligation & bilateral commitment to take credible action against terrorist entities and individuals operating from its soil, Pakistan has acted with aggression against India". The pilot is missing in action. Pakistan is at the time of writing still maintaining a ban on aircraft entering from Delhi at an altitude of below 32,000 feet-that ban has led Air India to reroute flights taking off from Delhi that would have passed over Pakistan. "We are ascertaining the facts".

Pakistan's ambassador to Washington, Asad Majeed Khan, meanwhile, told a group of reporters February 27 in Washington that Modi's government is "using this incident to draw political mileage at home".

The ongoing standoff between nuclear neighbours India and Pakistan is getting intensified with every passing minute.

The army spokesperson said that the Indian forces flew away after dropping a payload of four bombs inside Pakistani territory.

India had earlier announced it was closing several cities in India and India-administered Kashmir.

The pilot was injured and was being treated at a military hospital, Ghafoor said. He also discredited Indian media reports of Wednesday morning's incident.

Pakistani soldiers patrol in the area where Indian planes launched a pre-dawn airstrike on Tuesday inside Pakistan. "I think Indians are now simply exhausted of being the punching bag for Pakistani terrorism".

"Both countries have the capability and capacity, but war is actually the failure of policy, which India needs to understand", he said.

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