Published: Sun, March 03, 2019
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New Jonas Brothers video features the brothers’ wives and fiance

New Jonas Brothers video features the brothers’ wives and fiance

Was anyone really asking for this?

The Jonas Brothers are back - and apparently, after some needed time apart.

Priyanka Chopra surprised her fans by making an appearance in Jonas Brothers' new single Sucker and now, she recently posted some behind-the-scenes pictures of herself from the shoot, which are now viral. Shout out to Frankie Jonas.

"I'm honor of today, listening to my "Jonas Brothers!".

Formed in 2005, the group has found fame in Disney Channel as they cast in the box-office hit teenage show, Camp Rock. I'm so insanely happy I can't even put it into words. "How lucky am!?!" Nick Jonas tweeted. It's okay 12 year old me, in another twelve years you'll have a job publicly thirsting after Nick Jonas. Can this day get any better?

I mean A LOT!

The whole affair is very PG-13 and hearkens back to awkward, hormone-filled Grade 9 dances. Fans were devastated when JB announced their split in October 2013, ahead of the never-released album V.

"We had to work through and understand what we were going through when we were that young", he said. The band made a decision to the go on a hiatus in 2010-11, they pursued their solo careers and managed to garner a lot of love for that as well.

The clip sees the gang get their glad rags on for an Alice In Wonderland-style bash at a lavish castle, while the trio sing about how in love they are with their other halves. And you would do seven seconds of one drink, ' Nick added. They had chart success with the song "Cake By The Ocean". Both fans and brands celebrated the Jonas Brothers' return on Twitter. And Kevin.well Kevin's been doing Kevin stuff too.

The video also stars Kevin' spouse Danielle and Joe' fiancee and "Game of Thrones" fame actress Sophie Turner. So Kevin is the real estate brother now.

Way to announce a comeback, guys! Their rep also noted that "there was a big disagreement over their music direction".

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