Published: Fri, March 15, 2019
Worldwide | By Stella Potter

Strategists Agree Pelosi’s Impeachment Comment Doesn’t End Anti-Trump Effort

Strategists Agree Pelosi’s Impeachment Comment Doesn’t End Anti-Trump Effort

A key House investigator said Speaker Nancy Pelosi is "absolutely right" to hold back on impeachment proceedings against US President Donald Trump.

"It's really about whether or not we are going to tolerate and continue to allow an unfit president to be in office", he said.

Pelosi is no doubt remembering the Clinton impeachment and how the Republicans wound up making the president into a sympathetic figure for much of the public. And practically speaking, with the Senate under GOP control, an impeachment attempt without any real evidence would only push Republicans to further coalesce behind Trump.

"There are opinion-makers and opinion-shapers who want to maintain the status quo", Green said in response to a question about Pelosi's impeachment stance. "So we have to make sure that doesn't happen". There's a moral imperative that trumps political expediency. Pelosi's allies believe her skepticism about impeachment protects her moderates in swing districts, gives her an exit strategy should Special Counsel Robert Mueller find no wrongdoing by the president, and could even strengthen her leverage if something serious arises and Pelosi reverses course to impeach him later.

Unless collusion is found, getting the votes needed in the Senate to approve the impeachment of the president is highly unlikely.

By laying down a marker against impeachment, Pelosi leaves herself the option of joining or boosting the effort at some point down the line, while avoiding having to walk back a statement should Mueller come up short. "And so I'm going to move forward, obviously".

"I don't think Democrats win out of that, and I don't think Republicans win out of that in the short term or the long term", he continued.

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While a motion to table, if that's how Democratic leaders decide to proceed, is not a direct vote on impeachment, political strategists will treat it as such and craft ads surrounding how vulnerable members votes.

CNN conducted a poll that showed many Democrats are not in favor of impeachment. And he believes that his and others' efforts to highlight that has actually prevented Trump from committing more crimes. Straightforward, just tell him what I think. "So until they realize that - some evidence comes out that's akin to a smoking gun, they may not change. Taxpayers First", would require applicants between the ages of 18 and 65 and who are physically able, to work a minimum of 20 hours per week or to be enrolled in job training or community service, before they can receive welfare benefits like food stamps, housing assistance or Medicaid.

"The president was discussing immigration at the time he called certain countries s***hole countries and I might add these are countries where people of color were", Green explained.

Heritage Action Executive Director Tim Chapman also pointed to the power shifts within the Democratic caucus, noting, "Pelosi is a better politician than her neophyte progressives".

However, Rep. Green, who has been pushing to impeach the president since Trump was elected, told C-SPAN Tuesday that he will "bring it (to) the floor of the House again", but declined to say when.

Democrats have launched multiple probes into Trump's White House and personal businesses. I don't know why she didn't.

York noted however that the freshman congresswomen's districts may differ from the majority of their colleagues districts in that they are more liberal.

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