Published: Tue, March 05, 2019
Worldwide | By Stella Potter

Trump blames Cohen testimony for failed deal with North Korea

Trump blames Cohen testimony for failed deal with North Korea

President Donald Trump is now blaming Democrats in Congress at least in part for his failure to make a deal with North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un to reduce that country's nuclear weapons.

Bolton also appeared on CNN's State of the Union, where he defended Trump who said he took Kim "at his word" when the North Korean leader claimed he knew nothing about the alleged torture of imprisoned USA student Otto Warmbier.

Last week's meeting between Trump and Kim in Vietnam broke down over what the Americans said were North Korea's excessive demands for sanctions relief in exchange for a limited offer to shut down its aging main nuclear complex in Yongbyon. The report didn't mention his meeting with Trump. "It shows that US-North Korea dialogue has entered the stage of mutual and comprehensive discussion that deals with the North's practical denuclearization steps along with corresponding measures from the US".

Thirdly, Moon said, it was meaningful that the establishment of a US liaison office in the North was brought up because the space would come in handy when a team of American experts later set foot on North Korean soil to observe Pyongyang's demolition of its nuclear facilities, materials and weapons.

"Of course the president did give up a great deal", Schiff said on "Face the Nation", arguing that Trump helped enhance Kim's prestige and noting that Trump agreed to end longtime US military exercises with South Korea that had riled Kim's regime.

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The spokesman said on Sunday that South Korea would pursue "behind-the-scenes" meetings with the North, possibly including sending a special envoy to Pyongyang.

Hwang said Moon has been "playing with words" when the president has described himself as a "driver" or "mediator" with regard to engagement with North Korea.

'Therefore it became crystal clear that the United States was not ready to accept our proposal, ' he stated. He also said the president acted irresponsibly with regard to North Korea's nuclear arsenal. "It seems like Chairman Kim's train has passed through the city", a source said, according to Yonhap.

The summit ended abruptly and ahead of schedule on Thursday, without agreement, despite hopes both sides might make progress on North Korea's denuclearization and the easing of sanctions on Pyongyang.

Bolton said that the leaders left on good terms and that Trump made an important point to North Korea and other countries that negotiate with him.

In the meeting at the Blue House, which was attended by his prime minister, secretaries, some ministers and the National Intelligence Security director, Moon spent the entirety of his opening remarks on the second summit between Kim and Trump and how Seoul can help overcome the impasse. Cohen used the hearing to slander Trump, drawing attention away from the historic summit.

An example of that non-traditional diplomacy was formally unveiled Sunday when South Korea and the US announced they would not conduct massive springtime military drills and were replacing them with smaller exercises.

On Monday, their militaries began a new computer-simulated exercise dubbed "Dong Maeng", or "Alliance", which runs until next Tuesday.

Trump said he believed Kim's claim that he did not know what happened to Otto Warmbier, who died at age 22 days after being sent back to the United States in 2017.

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