Published: Thu, March 14, 2019
Worldwide | By Stella Potter

US Warns Germany to Curb Intelligence Sharing in Case of Huawei Deal

US Warns Germany to Curb Intelligence Sharing in Case of Huawei Deal

USA ambassador Richard Grenell said the United States would not be able to keep the same level of co-operation with German security agencies if Germany allowed Huawei or other Chinese firms to participate in its next-generation 5G mobile network, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Among other things, European security agencies have relied heavily on USA intelligence in the fight against terrorism.

Despite US claims to the contrary, Germany has insisted that there is no evidence Huawei has or will use its gear to engage in espionage.

According to the newspaper, which had access to the letter, U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell wrote that U.S.

US officials declined to say whether other countries have received or would receive similar warnings.

The US security agency underscored that the US would not deny all intelligence from Germany in case the latter would go in bed with Huawei.

Last week Germany said it would not ban Huawei from its forthcoming 5G networks despite pressure from the US.

The United States government has accused Huawei of being a Trojan horse for the Chinese Communist government that poses a risk in cybersecurity through its 5G technology.

Germany's Ministry of Economics confirmed it had received a letter from the USA and that it would soon respond.

"Because 5G networks are largely software-defined, updates pushed to the network by the manufacturer can radically change how they operate", NSC spokesman Garrett Marquis told the paper.

A spokesman for Altmaier said a letter had been received from the embassy, and the ministry would respond in a timely manner.

The year ended with the arrest of Huawei's chief financial officer in Canada at U.S. request, to the consternation of China.

Grenell specifically addressed this point by warning that Chinese law requires all corporations to support Chinese spy agencies upon demand, so there is no way to permanently ensure the security of Huawei products by inspecting them at the time of purchase.

As scrutiny of Huawei has grown, Australiaand New Zealand have joined the barring the company from their 5G networks.

The US is going too far.

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