My Tips for Shopping

I’m often one of those people that find good bargains and talk about said bargain for a few days afterwards.

I’m also one of those people that are on a type budget due to either lack of funds and also spending money on travelling overseas. Now, becoming a poor student towards the end of this month, I’ve decided to share with you all – my tips for shopping!

Because who doesn’t love a good bargain?

How I Shop

Before I go shopping, I look into my closet and check out what I already have. I keep this in mind the entire time whilst I’m shopping, as it helps me buy things I don’t need or already have. So if I have 8 pairs of jeans (which I actually do), I’m not going to buy any more! If I’m running low on skirts and shorts, heck yes – mini haul coming right up!

Sale Tips

Like most females, I love sales. Generally, I try not to buy an item if it’s not on sale, and even then I won’t buy an item unless it’s 50% or more off. Sounds a little harsh and a lot of hard work, but since I’m trying to curb my spendings and try save heaps, it’s totally worth it!

A good time to go shopping is of course during the week, when kids are still at school! If your shopping centre has a ‘late night’ shopping night, try go in the morning as I find that the day before they put heaps of stock out.

Also, if you’re obsessed with a certain store, sign up for their emails, as you’ll get notified about their sales. Sometimes you’ll know before anyone else does, and when this happens for me, I get to the shop on the day it starts, if I can.

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Fitting Rooms

Fitting rooms are an awesome arrangement in shops. You can try before you buy! BUT they aren’t always your friend! Plenty of places these days have special lighting and mirrors that are there to make you look slimmer and sometimes make the item look completely different! Many times I’ve actually fallen for this and bought something, only to have this item look horrific on me later on.

To combat this, I usually think of colours I already have in my closet. If it’s a bit of a different colour than you’re used to, hold the fabric up to the skin on your arm, leg, wherever. For example, some yellows don’t suit my skin colour just because I’m so pale. I check every yellow item before trying it on in the fitting room first, mostly because yellow is a cute as heck colour.

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Need vs Want

This is SUPER important. I’m one of those people that occasionally is blinded by cheap prices and begin to think that I actually need something, when clearly, no I don’t. An example is, Myer was having their awesome sales, and I was only walking through and of course I saw this awesome bag on sale.

A Jag bag, brown and the exact style I had been looking for!! I didn’t exactly need it, as I have a handbag I use for everything anyways. BUT I checked my bank account and the savings were huge. I got an awesome bag by a well known brand at only $38. Definitely happy with it, but as I could fit it into my budget, that was the only reason I ended up buying it.

Are you trying to save?

If you’re like me and trying to save up about $3,000 by November, saving as much money as possible is crucial. If I find a really cute top I love but it isn’t something I really need, I imagine what I could do with the amount of money that the item is worth. For example, if a top is about $40, that could buy me 2 meals while I’m overseas!!

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Is it You?

If you find an item that you wouldn’t normally wear, why buy it? Especially if you’ve seen it on a celebrity that has a completely different style to you. For me, buying grungy items would be a ridiculous move. Same with most boxy looking items, as they make me look even smaller than I already am.

Multiple Outfits

Lastly, if you can’t wear this item with multiple different items that are already in your closet, it’s probably not going to be worn very often! I make sure that I can envision about 3 different outfits before I buy an item so that it isn’t a waste of my money.


Let me know in the comments below if you have any other tips for shopping!


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