DIY: Lamp Base Painting

For a few months now, I’ve had these lamps sitting in boxes, collecting dust at the end of my bed. Finally, I’ve gotten to them! The base I had to do a small bit of DIY, to ensure that they suited the rest of my room. There’s no bare wood in my room, so I had decided to spray paint the bases white!

So of course, to spray paint them white, I started off by taking of the shade, and using plastic bags and tape to cover up the parts I didn’t want painted. For this, that meant the cord and the top electrical part.

Definitely not the most attractive part of this DIY!! Thankfully I had my day off on a sunny day, so I was able to spray paint them outside! I used a simple white matte spray paint and did a thick coat.

I left these to dry for 4 hours, just for good measure. Once dry, I removed the plastic bags and set them up on my side tables! They really tie my bedroom together and I’m so thankful for finally having bedside lamps.

So now that my bedside are perfected, I’m starting to get all the rest of pillows and cushions for my bed! I’ve managed to get some new pillows for sleeping and decoration but how about some European pillows!? And of course, those cushions really don’t belong! I’ll hopefully be getting some new ones before the end of this year, fingers crossed.


Has anyone else ever done a quick and simple DIY like these lamp bases?

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