Open Letter to 13 Year Old Me

Dear 13 Year Old Sarah,

I know that currently High School is the only thing on your mind now, and that you’re scared but I have so many tips for you to help you survive the next horrendous 5 years of your life. Even though you are totally focussed on making new friends and being seen as ‘cool’ and ‘popular’ trust me, it doesn’t matter! The first 3 years of high school will be the most painful for friendships, but I know you meet the most coolest people in year 11. As for family, put them above anything else. Spend as much time as you can with them, no matter as to how much they annoy you. You never know how long you’ll have left with someone before it’s too late.

School is so incredibly important, but don’t worry about your outcomes, don’t stress! Try your best and everything will work out. I know you have your heart set on being a Nurse, but I know for a fact that not only will you drop out of a Diploma in Nursing, you’ll complete a Cert iii in Travel and then wind up doing a Bachelor of Business too! Your life will definitely not be what you expected it to be, but it’s going to be the most amazing life you ever could’ve dreamt of.

Girl, boys are the least of your issues. They’re painful to deal with in high school. But please date the cute guy at work because you will fall in love, break each others hearts but learn so much about yourself. You are strong, independent and stand up for yourself. You are you and can look after yourself always.

Please quit your first job as soon as you can! It’s not worth the anxiety attacks. The job you get as a 19 year old is the best! You look forward to working every shift and the people there are the best people you’ve ever met. You have a future with the company and you’re good at your job! It’s not the end of the world.

Lastly, I know you want to travel the world. You’ll go to Thailand in Year 9, and it’ll kickstart your love for travel. Save as much money as you can, and you’ll go far. Do as many tours as you can, be brave. You’ll meet some awesome people and do some incredibly stupid things, and learn from them.

Life seems pretty boring at the age of 13, but if you could only imagine what you could do with yourself by the time you reach 19, you’d be proud. I am proud.


Good luck, 19 year old Sarah.

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