What’s In My Bag

Hello again!

This week, I have a brand new post for you all! I’ve seen this tag float around many times, usually on youtube. Since I don’t have a camera that is awesome at videos but is amazing at photographing, I decided to do a photo version of it, here on my blog.


Here’s the bag in question! It’s one of my newer bags, and I take it everywhere. Uni, work, out with friends, yoga, everywhere! So of course it has random things all through it. I wasn’t even sure what I would find.

Of course in my bag, I have a ginormous purse, which carries money (about 20 cents) and receipts from either coffee or fast food places. As for my sunglasses and normal glasses, they obviously are with me at all times. Living in the sunshine state of Australia means not being able to step outside without being blinded. My glasses, I wear them for when I’m driving at night, at uni and then at work. Also when I’m on my computer! Sadly, they’re currently in my bag, oops.


Even better! This is the stuff that falls out of my bag when you take the bigger stuff out and shake it upside down. I have; 1 empty water bottle, 2 lip balms, 1 red-pink lipstick, 1 ventolin inhaler (it’s early Spring in Australia which is my death), 1 go card (with about $15 on it yay!), 1 lipgloss (still figuring out how to apply it without so much gloopiness), 1 roll on perfume and 1 full packet of Zappos!

Last and finally, I have my 2 notebooks. The pink one with the billion tabs in it is where my blogging babies are born. I take it with me everywhere and work on ideas for future blog posts! The different coloured tabs do actually have a meaning, they’re not just for decoration. As for the black book, I’ve started a bujo! I chose a Rhodia book and have only started this month, and so far I’m absolutely obsessed with it! I’ve had a few compliments on it from some randoms in my uni lectures and tutes so that’s been awesome.

There you have it! A look into my crazy handbag.


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