Style Inspiration

Since it’s the beginning of Spring here in Australia, I’ve cleaned out my wardrobe and I have emptied out 3 large bags of clothes to be donated. This Spring, I’ve decided to change my style! I’m sick of the boring clothes I usually wear, and have hence decided to wear clothes that aren’t only a little more out there, but are lots better quality. I’m a savvy shopper, and today when I went shopping, I found some really awesome deals – and they were exactly the style I’ve been wanting to create!

I’m not 100% sure how to describe my style, so I’m going to put in a few photos of clothing, and then explain what I love about it. So, hopefully you guys can understand what I’m getting my new wardrobe inspiration from! This is my second ‘inspiration’ post in a row, no coincidence – I’m just super in love with Spring and getting a new look at life.


When it comes to shirts, I’m somewhat obsessed with black and white or blue and white stripes! My shirt choices are fairly boring, but I’m really digging the stripe shirts right now. A bonus if they have cacti or lace on them. Also, the shirts I’m really loving now all have high necks and have sleeves covering the shoulders. I guess it’s a little modest, but I don’t exactly have big ‘assets’, so I hate anything that shows that. And shoulders? No idea why, but for some reason, I’ve been really hating showing them off these days.


Bottoms! I’ve always been one to wear bottoms with patterns or/and brighter colours on them. I love weird designs on my bottoms and of course, I’m not too scared to wear something short. Basically, if it’s above the knee, I’ll love it. Still got to be a tiny little bit modest, and not something that you see groups of ‘the cool girls’ wearing. You know – the groups of girls that wear the exact same thing as each other? Definitely not something I’d wear, even in a million years.


GUYS I never used to wear dresses or playsuits but now, I’m obsessed. In about 6 weeks (I know, ages away!), you’ll be getting a post from my brothers graduation, watch out for what I’ll be wearing! I’ve planned ahead and oh man I love it! Again, the items are covering the chest, have shoulders covered and then aren’t below the knee.


I know, it’s Spring, which in Australia can be super hot! BUT sometimes we do get a little chilly, so it’s always a good idea to have a few jackets or cardigans ready. Obviously Queensland isn’t as weather-changing as Melbourne, but randomly we have the odd cold day or two. Anything cheerful is a good way to go! And as I do wear usually plain shirts, the two examples above are perfect.


I have a bit of a shoe problem at the moment. I have hardly any Spring or Summer shoes!!? I’m not sure how it happened, but I’m keen to change that. Sandals, bright colours, floral, pom poms and tassels, are the way to go when it comes to shoes. I’ll have to keep my eye out, since a lot of places I’ve looked at so far, they seem to only have black sandals…


ACCESSORIESSSSS are my life, but I’ve always sucked at choosing what accessories to wear with outfits. Until now, I’m going to be trying to accessorise a lot better! You’ll be able to witness my hits and misses of course, on my Instagram and Twitter.


Exercising has never been a huge thing for me, but since I’ve started yoga this year and also going on walks and runs, I’m starting to love it! The exercise bra on the bottom left is from Lorna Jane and I actually bought it! I finally popped my Lorna-Jane-virginity and now I’m somewhat obsessed! Next year, I’m joining a gym with my brother and best friend, so I’ll be able to do some more exercise clothing shopping.

I’m super keen for the rest of Spring and Summer. The outfits, designs – everything.

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