What’s in My Makeup Bag

Good evening again! Here I am for my weekly Wednesday post, and this time you’ll all be able to see what I keep in my makeup bag! This post will be similar to my What’s in my Bag post which I really enjoyed writing. So, I’ll have photos of each item and then a little about them.

Welcome to my makeup! These are just the makeup items that I use day to day and absolutely love. All of these items are well loved and many of them are already half used and/or recurring items that I just can’t get enough of.


This primer is so perfect for my skin. My skin is combination, and this product helps my skin to stop being so disgustingly oily. It evens out my skin, preparing it to be layered with foundation, concealer and whatever I need that day. I don’t always use this under my makeup (even though I know I should), but when I do, it’s very airbrushed and is also a really good eye makeup primer!


Due to my student budget, I don’t have a lot of brushes or tools. These two tools are what I use day in and day out. The sponges I can buy from Woolworths in bulk for a cheap price and the brush I bough on sale for $5 at TopShop. The brush is perfect for eye makeup and I absolutely love it.


I have unnaturally fair skin for an Australian due my Scottish heritage, so I use the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in Ivory. Again, it’s a matte foundation, as I hate gloss. I hate gloss on everything including photos let alone my own face! The poreless factors into my love for this item, and I’m up to my 4th or 5th bottle of this stuff. I definitely recommend it!


I honestly rarely use my concealer, due to the fact that this one can be a bit painful to blend into the foundation. This is the second time I’ve bought this one, but I wouldn’t actually recommend it. It’s a very dry substance, which drags along my skin when applying. I obviously need to experiment with some different products.


This product I absolutely love. It adds a softness to my face and makes it look somewhat airbrushed. I definitely need a new brush just for the application of this, as the brush I did use for this sadly got lost.


This honestly would have to be my favourite makeup item! It was my first ever purchase from Mecca Maxima (and currently the only one, but I’m a bit underfunded currently) and I love it so much! As I have hooded eyelids, I had been struggling to find an eyeliner that was easy to apply and wouldn’t smudge. This eyeliner is fast drying, smudge proof, waterproof and comes in heaps of colours! The lady in the shop was really helpful and understood my pain. I went in before I headed off for uni and she actually did both of my eyes so I could look nice for uni that day. Love that shop, my bank card doesn’t.


I’ve always been a fan of NYX makeup, mainly their lipsticks, but this was the first eyeshadow I’ve ever bought from them. It was on sale, and I wanted that free shipping bonus, so I decided to test out this eyeshadow. It’s a light colour, but looks lovely with anything I wear, and it sits perfectly on my eyelids. Easy to apply, and easy to remove.


NYX cosmetics are my favourite for lipsticks at the moment, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this lipstick is their creation. This is their black label lipstick, and it’s so moisturising that I practically use it as a lip balm. The colour is perfect for any occasion and I totally recommend it!


Finally, this is the mascara I use! I had been using only waterproof mascaras in the past, but after trying this non-waterproof mascara, I don’t think I’ll ever turn back. I had heard from articles I read online that waterproof mascara is really harsh on your lashes and so I made the switch. This mascara makes my lashes look super full and long, I love it.


That’s all the makeup I use for a casual look. It’s perfect for uni, work, a quick day out and thankfully it’s perfect for the horrid heat of Brisbane that we’re currently having!

Does anyone have any holy grail makeup items you think I should try?

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