Get to Know Me Better ~ Week 4

I’m back at it again with another addition to my Saturday weekly series, ‘Get to Know Me Better’! Even though this is only week four, I’m definitely really enjoying this series. It’s actually helping me learn about myself and of course making me think about why I am who I am.

This week the question is ‘Where is your favourite place to escape to?’. This question I didn’t have to think too hard for, as this is a place that I go to when I need to be just myself for a short time or a long time.


Shorncliffe is a 20 minute drive from my house, and it’s a relatively easy place for me to drive to. There’s a large car park, a fish and chip shop across the road, lots of shade and heaps of different seats and tables that I can use.


This spot is so beautiful without being crowded. Since I’m a uni student, I have days off during the week meaning I can be at peace without having loud children running around.


I usually sit at one of the table and chairs where I can study, draw, read, journal or do whatever I want or need. I usually have music blasting into my ears and with the breezes you get from this spot, it’s a great place to relax and concentrate.


There’s trees, chairs, water spouts. Basically everything I could ever need. The fish and chip shop across the road is perfect for if I need a quick and easy snack throughout my time there.


As you can see, the views from my little escape place is AWESOME. 180 degree views of the water, a quiet and shaded area, dogs sometimes walk past and easily the closest place to my house that I can go somewhere that no one would search for me. It’s a great place to think and create. Expect some of my blog posts to be written from this spot!

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