My First Valentine’s Day!

This may be a bit of an embarrassing fact, but I’ve never actually had a Valentine before! I’m 19, and only just had my first one. Thankfully, this one was absolutely perfect if not simple, it was the best day I’ve had in a while!

My boy Caleb and I decided on no gifts this year, mainly because we’re planning to go to Melbourne to celebrate my birthday in July! (Even though my birthday is actually in April, oops!). We didn’t want an extravagant night as we prefer to save those for actual milestones or other bigger celebrations. We already know how much we love another, we show it each day, we don’t really need a special day for it. But we celebrated anyways!

My Valentine’s Day morning began with a good morning text from Caleb, followed by myself getting ready for work. It was just a small 5 hour shift, but throughout the entire shift I started doubting that Caleb would actually follow through with our ‘pact’ of no gifts! So, after work I went to Coles and bought a packet of Darrell Lea liquorice bullets, which are his favourite lollies.

I’m so glad I went and bought him those lollies, because when he came to pick me up, I opened the door to him holding a bouquet of red roses! His excuse was ‘It’s to be expected! It’s all part of Valentine’s Day, it’s not a gift!’ Cheeky little bugger, this one.


We went to the restaurant he took me for our first date, ‘Alegria’ in Samford, a 30 minute drive from my house. We got the exact same main meals as we did at our first date, nearly 5 months ago! This time Caleb was able to have a glass of wine with dinner as a few days ago he got onto his Open license! Our entree was an oven cooked pesto pizza, and for my own drink I had a hot chocolate.


Caleb’s meal was penne puttanesca, the photo’s fuzzy because I was laughing at his reaction of me wanting to take a photo of our food. As soon as the waitress put our plates down, he went to grab his cutlery but quickly looked at me with a face that said ‘really? Seriously?’ and then of course he let me take a few photos.


My own meal was roast pumpkin, sun-dried tomatoes gnocchi, which tastes delicious! The meal is creamy, full of flavour and the gnocchi are melt in your mouth pillows of potato. Can you all tell yet that I absolutely love gnocchi? Basically whenever I go out for dinner, if the menu has a gnocchi meal on it, I’m going to order it!

After dinner, the rest of the night was rather relaxed, we went and saw a movie at Chermside, ‘Gold’. Wouldn’t say it’s my favourite movie, but Caleb really enjoyed it! He had been wanting to watch it since before it came out, and it was my treat. By the time the movie finished, we were both far too tired to do anything further, so Caleb took me home, and returned to his own home.

Overall, the entire night made me so incredibly happy and I think we both deserved it since we have both been working a heap of hours and I had been in hospital over the weekend.

What’d you get up to for Valentine’s Day?

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